4 Ways to Make Your Aerobics Routine More Intense

Participating in aerobics is a great way to help you slim down and improve your health. It can sometimes be difficult to determine how to increase the intensity of your current aerobics program. In order to keep making progress in your routine, try adding an incline, increasing the speed at which you’re working, adding variety to your routine or adding weights. These are all guaranteed ways to make your current workout more challenging.

1. Add an Incline

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to make your aerobics routine more intense is by adding an incline. Walking, biking, hiking or jogging up an incline will not only help to make your heart work harder, but will also engage the muscles of your legs more fully, resulting in increased muscular strength and tone. When adding an incline to your aerobics routine, be sure to start out slowly and gradually work your way up. Research has found that when it comes to aerobic exercise, it’s best to increase your distance by only 10 percent each week in order to prevent burnout or potential injury.

2. Increase the Speed

Another easy way to make your aerobics routine more intense is by increasing the speed at which you’re working. Unlike adding an incline to your workout, which typically can limit some types of aerobic exercise such as rowing, swimming, or kickboxing, increasing the speed of the activity is possible no matter what kind of aerobic activity you’re participating in. Be sure to increase the speed slowly, and gradually become faster and faster.

3. Add Variety

In order to really make some changes when it comes to intensifying your current aerobics routine, consider varying the type of aerobic activity that you’re engaging in. Exercisers often become satisfied with their current fitness routine, and perform the same activities over and over. This can not only result in burnout, but as your body becomes more and more familiar with the exercise, it ceases to be as effective. In order to keep your brain and body engaged, try switching your regular aerobics routine up. For example, one week you can walk or jog, the next bike, the following swim and the last week of the month row. Continue varying your aerobic routine each month in order to maintain the progress you’ve worked so hard for.

4. Add Weights

Adding weights is a great way to make some types of aerobics more challenging. Adding weights to your aerobic routine can limit some types of aerobic activity. When choosing weights, remember that it is always better to start light and work your way up. Using too heavy of weights to begin with could cause major injuries that could take months of recovery.


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