4 Ways to Increase Your Energy Intake

Energy intake can be defined as the amount of calories that you consume over the course of a day. At times, increasing your energy intake can be a very difficult process. While a lot of information exists regarding how to cut calories from your diet, there is not a whole lot available regarding how to increase energy intake. For best results when increasing your energy intake, be sure to snack through the day, increase your dairy and lean meat intake, and consider taking a protein supplement.

Snack Throughout the Day

One of the easiest ways to increase your energy intake is simply to increase the amount of snacking that you do over the course of the day. Snacking is important not only to increase the amount of energy you are receiving, but it can also help to ensure that your nutritional status is up to par. It can also help provide you with the energy that you need to make it through a long day. For best results, choose snacks that can stand up well to travel, and can be easily transported in a purse, car, or briefcase. Great examples of healthy snacks which can be used to increase your energy intake includes almonds, granola, or even dried beef.

Increase Dairy Intake

Another great way to increase the amount of energy intake you are currently getting is to increase the amount of dairy you are getting in your diet. Typically, dairy products contain high amounts of fat, which are more calorically dense that protein and carbohydrate. Try to make good choices when it comes to adding dairy products to your diet. For example, some great types of healthy dairy products include milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese. Increasing your dairy intake will not only be able to help you successfully increase your energy intake, but it can also give a boost to the amount of calcium you are getting in your diet. Calcium is important for keeping teeth and bones strong and healthy, and it is also an important factor in the proper functioning of your heart.

Increase Lean Meat Intake

Next, consider adding more lean meats to your diet if you are interested in increasing your energy intake. As with dairy products, increasing the amount of lean meats in your diet can help in a number of ways. Aside from increasing energy intake, extra lean meats can boost your protein intake. Protein is required in your diet to maintain muscle mass, and also keeps your hair and nails looking healthy and shiny. Some great examples of lean meats that you can use to supplement your diet include dried beef or turkey, tuna fish, and other similar products.

Add Protein Supplements

Finally, when all else fails, consider using a protein supplement shake. The benefits of this is similar to those described in the tip above. Vegetarians, vegans, or others who simply aren’t interested in adding more meat to their diet can get the benefits without having to actually eat any meat. Protein supplement shakes can typically be found at most grocery stores.


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