4 Ways to Cook with Sprouts

Sprouts are distinctively flavored vegetables that are full of beneficial nutrients. While many people don’t enjoy their taste, it’s hard to deny the health benefits associated with eating them. In order to adopt them into your diet, it’s best to come up with new and exciting ways to cook them.

There are multiple types of sprouts. The two most common are Brussels sprouts, which look like small cabbages and have a distinct, bitter flavor, and bean sprouts, which are small beans that have sprouted into offshoots and are often used on sandwiches. Both provide a mixture of beneficial vitamins and minerals that can help you to lose weight and maintain a healthy overall diet. Here are four ways to cook with sprouts:

1. Steaming

For those who enjoy the flavor of Brussels sprouts, one of the fastest and easiest ways to cook with them is to steam them. Simply place the sprouts in a steamer over boiling water and leave them for between 5 and 8 minutes. Because sprouts are small, it takes a very short time for them to become soft and to get ready to eat. Top your finished sprouts with a dash of parmesan cheese or with a small amount of olive oil for added flavor.

2. With Maple Butter

People who do not enjoy the flavor of Brussels sprouts may find that an ingredient like maple butter can help to mask the taste while still allowing you to receive the many positive health benefits of eating them. Maple butter, however, is not low in fat and contains a high quantity of potentially unhealthy ingredients. It’s best to use it sparingly when you plan to cook with Brussels sprouts. Saute the sprouts in a small quantity of maple butter, which can help to cut the bitter taste of the sprouts while simultaneously not increasing the level of fat in the dish considerably.

3. Raw

For bean sprouts, one of the best ways to eat them and enjoy their health advantages is raw. Bean sprouts should be thoroughly washed before consuming, but they are otherwise ready to eat immediately out of the package. Eating bean sprouts raw is also the best way to maximize your intake of vitamins and minerals, as none of them can be cooked out and can escape through the process of heating up. Place the sprouts on a sandwich to add a satisfying crunchy texture.

4. In Stir Fry

Bean sprouts are commonly found in Asian foods like stir fries and noodle dishes. Lightly saute the bean sprouts so that they remain a bit crunchy before you eat them, and include them with other vegetables and light meats over rice, or along with noodles.

Using sprouts in your cooking is a great way to enhance your overall health profile while simultaneously making use of a unique set of vegetables that are not often seen in cooking.


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