4 Ways Good Relationships Promote Good Health

You probably know that good relationships can bring plenty of benefits, but what many people don’t know is that good relationships also contribute to good health. Human beings are essentially social creatures, meaning that our well-being is affected by the bonds and interactions we have with other people. Most people balance many relationships in their lives, with parents, siblings, relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers and spouses. Here are some reasons why you should work on improving your relationships if you want to improve your health.

1. An Active Sex Life Can Increase Longevity

Making love to your special someone can increase your life span. Scientific studies have proven that sexual activity can raise the amount of certain substances in your body that promote longevity. These substances include DHEA, growth hormones and endorphins. Sexual activity also lowers the amount of substances that are harmful to your health, such as cortisol and adrenaline. Elderly people usually become less sexually active as they age, but the fact is that sex may very well be the elusive fountain of youth. Remember these benefits the next time you and your partner hit the sack.

2. Having Friends to Talk to Reduces Stress

Had a difficult day at work where you feel like your boss is treating you unfairly? Frustrated because you gained a couple of pounds over the vacation? Depressed because a close loved one has passed away or is terribly ill? Imagine feeling any of these negative emotions and not having a soul to talk to. Negative experiences such as these can cause a lot of stress to build up in the body. Without anyone to turn to, this stress can overflow and make your health toxic. If you have good relationships such as good friends who are ready to lend an ear to your problems, the stress you feel during these devastating situations is dramatically decreased. Friends allow you to express your feelings and get your problems off your chest. This is a very important benefit, since stress is a known cause of many chronic diseases.

3. Loved Ones Encourage You to Live Healthy

Because your friends and family love and care about you, it only makes sense that they would want you to be in the best of health. Notice how family members tend to express concern when you’ve lost or gained weight, or are showing any signs of poor health? Remember how your best friends disapproved when you started taking doubtful diet pills or started smoking heavily? This is all because your loved ones want what’s best for you, and that includes good health.

4. Love Prevents Heart Attack

Scientific studies have shown that warm feelings associated with tenderness and love can reduce your chance of having a heart attack and developing other diseases like atherosclerosis. Even the mere activity of watching or reading love stories can cause improvements in your immune system, by increasing the hormone immunoglobulin-IGA which is known to fight the flu, colds and other common viruses.


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