4 Ways for You to Be Comfortable in a Bathing Suit

You just got invited to hang out with your friends at the beach, and though you’re excited to do something fun, there is one daunting thought consuming your mind: having to wear a bathing suit.

This is unnerving for a lot of people regardless of body type, but fortunately, there are ways to not only feel comfortable in a bathing suit but also cute, beautiful, stylish and sexy. Here’s a spoiler: it involves having fun with it.

If you’re interested in looking and feeling great in a bathing suit, take note: you will have to do some work looking for the perfect bathing suit. However, the confidence you’ll feel in it will surely be rewarding in the end. This being said, are you ready to get started

1. Wear a bathing suit in your favorite print, color, and cut.

If you love a certain print, color and cut, find a bathing suit that, ideally, combines those three things. Finding the exact bathing suit you want might be tough, but it has to exist somewhere. If you love vintage clothing styles, for example, opt for a vintage-styled bathing suit. Wearing a bathing suit that suits your style only makes wearing it that much more fun.

2. Flaunts assets you’re proud of and tone down assets you want less emphasis on.

Case in point: if your shoulders are your favorite asset, find a bathing suit sewn in a way that accentuates your shoulders rather than your hips or stomach. Heart-shaped bathing suit tops, for instance, usually do the trick for this.

If you have features you want to tone down, find a bathing suit that uses a darker color around that area and that covers it up with more fabric. If you want to decrease emphasis on your hips, for example, go for a bikini bottom that is in a dark color and is sewn in a boy-short style, rather than a bikini-bottom style. Another example: if you’re not a fan of your stomach, find a bathing suit top that covers your entire stomach.

3. Style your bathing suit with fun accessories.

Nothing creates more confidence when wearing a bathing suit than being playful with it. Wearing fun, cute accessories, like sunglasses or a bathing suit cover, definitely helps in doing this. Wearing statement accessories places less emphasis on the bathing suit itself and redirects the focus onto the details of your look as a whole. If you’re not swimming, wearing earrings and bangles on land can definitely spice up your look and instantly make you feel simultaneously cool and glamorous.

4. Focus on having fun.

Time seems to fly when we’re having fun, and the more fun we have, the more focused we are on the fun instead of how we look. So sit back, relax and enjoy yourself! When you do this you will feel more comfortable than you ever have in a bathing suit.

Remember, it’s all about daring to be playful with your look, accentuating all the right places, and not taking yourself too seriously. Good luck!


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