4 Types of Shapewear for Your Problem Areas

Whether you need it to wear under that special occasion cocktail dress or beneath your everyday work clothes, shapewear can make you look and feel better in just about everything you wear. No matter which area of your body you’re trying to smooth or conceal, there is a shapewear option available for you. Here are some of the most common and popular types of shapewear out there.

1. Mid-Thigh Waist Shaper

The most common type of shapewear is the Mid-Thigh Waist Shaper. Made of a nylon and spandex blend, this type of shapewear fits over your stomach and upper thighs, generally stopping just above the knee. You slip it on like you would a pair of spandex workout shorts. The Mid-Thigh Waist Shaper is designed to conceal both your thighs and waist, giving you an overall slim look. Because it smooths and compresses both your abdominal region and your thighs–problem areas for many women–it’s a very versatile piece. You can wear it under dresses, pants and skirts. The Mid-Thigh Waist Shaper comes at all price points. One of the most popular brands is Spanx, with price points averaging at about $70.

2. Slimming Cami

If you’re looking to conceal your upper half only, a slimming cami is your best option. Wearing a slimming cami is a great way to conceal your love handles or to give your stomach a flat and firm look. It can also flatten your bustline. For all these reasons it’s a very useful undergarment to have if you frequently wear blouses or form-fitting tops to work. Wearing one of these camisoles will keep everything concealed and in its place.

3. Slimming Pantie

If your lower abdomen is what you’re trying to conceal, a slimming pantie is all you need. You wear it just like you would any basic pantie; the difference is that a slimming pantie smooths everything out. Your lower abdomen isn’t the only area concealed–this type of shapewear also compresses your rear. Since slimming panties are generally seamless, you can wear them under all kinds of garments without having to worry about visible pantie lines. They’re great pieces to own if you wish to specifically target the areas covered by your underwear.

4. Body Suit

For all-over coverage and a piece with maximum function, a body suit is the winner. A combination of the Mid-Thigh Waist Shaper and the slimming cami, a body suit smooths and slims everything underneath your clothing. It’s best worn for special events or short functions since it can be impractical to slip on an off–it’s essentially like wearing a leotard under your clothing. If you’re looking for the right undergarment to wear under a slinky dress, though, a body suit is your best option.

These are only four of the many types of shapewear out there for your problem areas. However, most other types of shapewear are variations of those on this list. If you’re having trouble figuring out exactly what you need, visit a department store and talk to an associate in the lingerie department.


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