4 Treadmill Workouts for Fat Burning

The treadmill is a tried and true exercise machine that we all know can help you burn the fat and the calories in the comfort of your own home. Based on a simple premise, the treadmill is a conveyor belt that moves at a set speed, and you either walk or run during treadmill workouts to keep up with the pace of the belt. Inclining the ramp adds extra resistance and a harder workout.

Here are 6 treadmill workouts you can use on your treadmill to burn away the fat:

1. Simple Walk

Using this method, you would set the speed on the treadmill to a slower pace and just start walking. This is especially great to do if you want to watch TV while you are exercising. This way you aren’t bouncing around too much and you are still burning both calories as well as fat. A good time for this exercise alone is about 45 minutes at a somewhat brisk pace.

2. Power Walking

Power Walking is a bit different that regular walking. Power Walking involves a faster pace and a great deal more arm and torso movement. This is a more intense workout and should be done for about 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes of regular walking to cool down.

3. Treadmill and Strength Training Together

If you want to really get a lot from the treadmill, you will need to incorporate some strength training along with the walking. We aren’t talking really heavy weight, but by adding a few pounds to the wrists and ankles, you can build muscle as well as cardio for your heart and lungs. Be sure to stretch especially well before using weights. This will increase the amount of calories and fat you burn during your treadmill workouts.

4. Specific Sessions

An example of a treadmill workout session would be the following for 45 minutes:

  • Walk 5 min
  • Power walk 5 min
  • Run 2 min
  • Repeat 3 times
  • Cool Down walk  for 10 min

If you wanted to increase the effect of the whole treadmill workout, you could add 2 to 5 pound wrist and ankle weights during the workout to increase the effect and results you would receive from it. Alternatively, you could, if your treadmill can incline, add a slight incline to the treadmill to simulate going up hill. This increases the amount of energy and effort you have to expend to travel the same distance.

Another example of a typical treadmill session would be this workout for a total of 30 minutes:

  • Warm up with 4 minutes of walking and brink walking
  • Power walk for 2 minutes
  • Run, not sprint, for 2 minutes
  • Repeat the first two segments 6 more times
  • Cool down with a light 3 minute walk

Lastly, a simple yet very effective treadmill and strength training workout that lasts for 50 minutes would be something like this:

  • Walk Briskly for 30 minutes
  • Strength train for 20 minutes

Whatever treadmill workout you decide to do, you have to stick with it every day to achieve maximum results. The only day you should rest completely and skip the workout would be the last day of the week, or Sunday. Always remember to stretch before and after each treadmill workout to protect your muscles and drink plenty of water while working out.


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