4 Tips to Quit Smoking and Fight Cravings

Quitting smoking can be very difficulty, and while you may have received a number of different tips to quit smoking, they may have not helped you in the past. For best results, be sure to start by pinpointing exactly when and why you smoke. This is essential in helping you to kick the habit.

1. Evaluate What Triggers Your Smoking

One of the most important steps you must take when quitting smoking and fighting cravings is to first evaluate what causes you to smoke. For example, begin by pinpointing specific times of days that you crave a cigarette. For some people, this may be after or before mealtimes, in the morning when you wake up, or even after a particularly stressful day at the office. By determining when and why you smoke, you will have an easier time and be more successful at kicking your cigarette habit.

2. Develop a Healthy Habit

Next, once you have successfully determine when (and why) you smoke, you must come up with some different activities to do at those times in order to be successful. If you crave a cigarette after your evening meal, instead of lighting up, go outside a take a short walk. This will not only get your mind off the tobacco, but will provide you with some healthy physical activity. In contrast, some people have had success by chewing a piece of gum or sucking or a piece of hard candy when craving a cigarette. This keeps your mouth busy, and prevents you from putting a cigarette into it. In addition, these items are typically low in calories, and therefore will not contribute to significant weight gain.

3. Keep a Journal

Next, keep a journal in order to ensure optimal results when attempting to kick the cigarette habit. In your journal, be sure to write down not only how many cigarettes you had over the course of a particular day, but also how many times you craved a cigarette (and didn’t have one), what you did to curve the craving, and how you felt when you choose not to smoke. Writing down this information will help to enforce the importance of not smoking.

4. Work with Your Doctor

Finally, be sure to work with your doctor in order to ensure the best sucess in breaking your cigarette habit. Your doctor may be able to prescribe specific medications that can help in your attempt to quit smoking. Be sure to keep your doctor updated on a regular basis on the success or difficulty that you have been having. He will be able to use this information in your overall health care. If your doctor is not available to take the information, a nurse is also a great contact person to keep informed of your progress.


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