4 Tips for Choosing a Bra during Weight Transition

Choosing the right bra is a very important shopping decision for every woman. After all, you probably know that underwear is the foundation of any great outfit. Even if you are wearing a new and fabulous ensemble, you won’t feel quite as good as your outfit if you are wearing ill-fitting underwear. Unfortunately, not all women have mastered the art of choosing the right bra. The process can be challenging especially if you are undergoing a weight transition. Here are some tips to help you along.

1. Decide on a Bra Style

Before you head to your local lingerie store to go bra-shopping, the first thing you need to do is select a style of bra. Different everyday occasions call for different types of underwear, and you might need to purchase more than one type of bra to make sure that you have the right style for every occasion. For instance, if you currently lost weight and would like to show off your new svelte figure, then you might want to choose a half-cup bra which can help show off your cleavage. However, if your bust size remains above D cup, then this bra style may not offer you adequate support. Instead, you might want to buy a full cup bra which can be great for everyday use. No matter what your bust size is, you might also benefit from bras with underwire, as they provide the best support.

2. Try on Different Bras

Once you know what kind of styles you want to purchase, it’s time to go to the store and try on several bras. To make sure that you are fitting the bra properly, be sure to stand up straight. You can also ensure that your breasts are in the right cups by adjusting them with your hands. Almost all bras have several fastening hooks that you can adjust depending on the fit. When trying on a bra for the first time, be sure to adjust it to the loosest hook. Bras become stretched over time and fastening to the loosest hook will give you a chance to determine if the bra will still fit you in this event.

3. Check the Band

Contrary to what most women think, most of the support of a bra comes from its band – not its straps. The band is the stretchable fabric that goes around your body. If most of the support comes from the straps of the bra and not the band, then you have the wrong size. The band should also fit snugly and should rest just beneath your shoulder blades. If the band is riding too high on your back, then you might want to get a bigger size.

4. Test the Bra

Once you think that you may have found the right bra, the next step would be to take it for a “test drive” by putting on your top over it. A snug-fitting top would be a good idea since it will allow you to clearly see the silhouette of the bra. You might also want to move around a bit to see how comfortable you are in your new bra.


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