4 Things Your Calorie Counter Can't Tell You

If you participate in an online calorie counter, or just try to keep track of your calories yourself, there are some things you should know that your calorie counter can’t tell you. 

1. Weight Loss

Your calorie counter can’t tell you what your weight loss is for the day, the week, or at all for that matter.  A calorie counter can only give you approximates, based on your own recorded calories consumed and burned per day.

2. Exact Calories

Your calorie counter cannot tell you exactly how many calories you consumed per meal or per day.  The best it can do is to give you approximate amounts.  This is especially true if you eat a lot of homemade foods, if other people cook your meals for you, and if you don’t do exact measurements of what you consume. 

3. Your Ideal Calorie Count

No calorie counter can tell you the exact amount of calories you should be burning or eating each day.  Each individual is different, and there are always variables to consider (some that may affect you and some that may not).  For example, someone with diabetes will definitely have different considerations than someone who does not, even if both are the same weight and height. 

4. Best Way for You to Burn

You can keep track of every morsel that goes into your mouth (and input your height and weight), but your calorie counter still cannot tell you what the best calorie burning exercises are for you. 

Bottom Line

The calorie counter is a great tool and has been successful in assisting many people with weight loss.  However, it is still only a tool and should only be used in conjunction with other things.

You absolutely should be in touch with your doctor before beginning Weight Watchers, or any calorie counting program.  This will ensure that any health issues you may have are addressed (in the best way possible), and that you are designing an exercise program that takes every aspect of your body into account. 

In order for the calorie counter to be as accurate as possible, it is important that you are as accurate as possible too.  If you are not preparing, cooking, and measuring your own meals, be sure to know exactly what is going into the preparation before you put it into your mouth. You also need to remember to write everything down, in order to accurately input the correct information into the calorie counter.


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