4 Things that Make Social Relationships Unhealthy

Social relationships are a healthy part of life. Aside from the relationship that you have with family members, you also need the bonds you have outside the home to enrich your life – whether it’s a romantic relationship with a special someone, close friendships or interaction with colleagues at work. However, despite the benefits that social relationships can bring to your life, they can also become unhealthy in some cases. Here are some things that can end up making your social relationships unhealthy.

1. You Lose Motivation

Before you found the love of your life, taking care of your appearance was probably one of your top priorities. You probably made it a point to eat a healthy diet and to exercise to maintain your figure. After all, you were single and looking for romance – it’s only natural that you wanted to look good. Now that you’re enjoying being in a relationship, looking good may take the backseat when it comes to your priorities. When you stay in a relationship with someone for a long time, you reach a certain level of comfort where you start caring less about what you look like. Before you know it, you’re regularly eating fatty and high-calorie foods and blowing off your scheduled trips to the gym. The situation can worsen once you get married and you find yourself in the middle of many responsibilities.

2. Unhealthy Lifestyles Rub Off On You

If your partner, friends or colleagues tend to have poor eating habits then chances are these habits will rub off on you. Does your spouse or boyfriend wolf down pizza almost every day? Do your friends like to eat pastries and other sweets when you gather together? Are your colleagues regularly ordering fast food since it’s the most convenient way to eat at the office? Since you spend much of your time with friends or coworkers, it’s not hard to see how their dietary habits can become your eating habits, too. One reason is that you might feel self conscious about ordering something healthy amidst all the junk food. Another reason is that you feel less guilty about indulging since you are doing so with plenty of people.

3. You Don’t Have Time to Exercise

Since your social relationships make up a large part of your life, it’s only understandable that they should take up a lot of your time as well. If your social calendar is booked with dates with your significant other, lunch and coffee with friends and team building activities with your work colleagues then you will barely have time to rest – let alone work out.

4. Stress Makes You Eat

Stress eating is a very common way for individuals to gain weight. No matter how swell your social relationships are going, there might come a time when you encounter some bumps along the road. As you probably know, having a fight with your partner or best friends can really put a large amount of stress on your shoulders, causing you to reach for comfort foods so you can feel better. These comfort foods are usually snacks that are high in sugar, fats and calories.


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