4 Tasty Ways to Serve Coconut Water

Coconut water is the liquid that is found inside of a fresh coconut, and is very popular in the tropics. Most people simply discard this part of the coconut without even realizing its many uses. Here are four great ideas for serving coconut water. Try them out today!

1. Drinks

One of the easiest ways to serve coconut water is to include it in beverages. Coconut water has a relatively mild taste, allowing it to be used alongside a variety of different flavors. Traditionally, coconut water is used to make exotic drinks such as pina coladas. While pina coladas made in bars or restaurants can be high in fat and calories, when made at home they can be relatively healthy. Combine equal parts coconut milk with the juice of a fresh pineapple. Mix this with lemon-lime soda for a virgin pina colada, or rum for a more traditional version.

While using coconut milk in pina coladas is tried and true, you may want to experiment with different ingredients that are just as delicious. Consider adding coconut milk to cranberry, pomegranate or even grape juice. You will be surprised at the results!

2. Pudding

The next time you’re in the mood for making some great pudding, you may want to consider adding a new twist to an old favorite. Instead of using milk to prepare instant or stove top pudding, use coconut water. This will add an interesting new flavor to your pudding, and will keep guests guessing about the secret ingredient. For best results, stick with puddings in fruit or neutral flavors – for example, banana or vanilla.

3. Desserts

Coconut has been used for for years in cookies, cakes and even pies, and the results are often top notch. Since coconut milk does contain some dietary fat, it can be used in place of butter, oil or shortening in a variety of different desserts. One easy recipe involves changing a plain white cake into a coconut cake. Replace the oil that the recipe calls for with equal amounts of coconut water, and add some coconut frosting or shaved coconut for an extra dash. Your cake just went from ordinary to extraordinary!

4. Sauces

Coconut water does not need to be used only in desserts or drinks, but can work equally well with a variety of main dishes. As stated above, coconut water contains dietary fat, and therefore lends itself well to the create of different types of sauces. Coconut water works especially well with pork or lamb. When making a sauce with coconut water, be sure to go big. This means that you should add enough coconut water to the sauce so that the diners can taste it. If you add only a small amount, the sauce will have a different taste, but it won’t be distinctive enough to stand out. Add pineapple, mango or other tropical fruits as garnishes to the meat in order to bring the entire meal together.


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