4 Surprisingly Satisfying Movie Snacks

When you go to the movies or stay in to watch your favorite rental, it’s hard to find movie snacks that are satisfying and not filled with a week’s worth of fat and calories. Although you should give yourself permission to indulge occasionally, you don’t have to load up on saturated fat and sodium. There are some surprising choices that are yummy and healthy whether you go out or stay in.

1. Popcorn

A movie without popcorn is almost unthinkable, but you don’t have to indulge in a huge bucket of high calorie movie popcorn saturated in fatty butter. Instead, you can opt for a small container of popcorn with no butter added. Or, better yet, you can pop your own air popped corn at home and sprinkle lightly with flavor instead of butter. A few cups of your own popcorn is a satisfying treat with lots of fiber.

2. Fresh Fruits and Veggies

It may not sound very glamorous to cut and pack your own snacks, but the health benefits can’t be beat. And, you’d be surprised how satisfying it can be to crunch while watching an action-packed flick. The key is to be more creative than the standard celery and carrot sticks. Instead, try colorful red, yellow, green or orange peppers, cut into fun rings. Pack a baggie full of sugar snap peas and grape tomatoes. Bring sliced apples with some raisins or craisins.

3. Nuts and Cheese

String cheese is always a fun option just because of the effort it takes to peel it into just the right size strings. Combine the cheese with some all-natural almonds or peanuts, and you can’t go wrong. You will be satisfied and full when the movie is over.

4. Choose the Right Candy

If you find that you simply can’t enjoy the movie without some type of sweet snack, go ahead and indulge. Just be smart about it. For instance, choose some sugar-free versions of your favorite hard


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