4 Surgical Options for Stretch Mark Removal

Throughout their lives, a lot of people will develop stretch marks at some point. Stretch marks can appear for a number of reasons. It could be due to are pregnancy, or perhaps a significant weight gain. Either way, those stretch marks can make you feel really bad about yourself, especially if they are in a noticeable place on your body.

These days, there are a variety of techniques that you can use in order to get rid of those unwanted stretch marks. Here are four of the most widely used techniques to get rid of those horrible marks.

Laser Removal

This is one of the most common ways that people use to remove stretch marks. This surgical procedure involves the use of a laser to get rid of the section of skin where stretch marks have formed. Once this old skin that contains the stretch marks has been eliminated, then new and unmarked skin will soon grow in its place and will leave you stretch mark free. This treatment is widely used because there is a very low risk of side effects associated with it. A lot of other treatments for stretch mark removal can often lead to side effects, some are permanent while others are temporary.

Surgical Removal

This is one of the most convenient ways to remove those unwanted stretch marks. It is also one of the most effective ways to remove them. This technique involves surgically removing the stretch marks. One example of this type of surgery is the tummy tuck procedure. Here the excess skin below the belly button is removed and any stretch marks in those areas would also be removed. There are stretch mark removal techniques to remove stretch marks from other parts of the body. Although this type of surgery is more invasive than others and also has a longer recovery time, the effects are usually worth it as it often leads to the total removal of the marks.


This method is a type of skin resurfacing technique that employs the use of very tiny crystals to get rid of the top layers of skin. Although this is not considered a very effective way to remove stretch marks, it can work well when it is used along with other types of stretch mark removal techniques.


This is a form of treatment that has its roots in France and was developed to help soften scars. This method uses an Endermologie machine, which massages the area of skin in which the stretch marks are contained using rollers and a type of suctioning action. This treatment requires more than one session for any type of significant change to be seen. When used, the procedure can help to get rid of stretch marks. There are also other added benefits, such as increasing circulation of the body. In some cases it is reported that the circulation can actually be increased up to around 200 percent with this method and can also help to remove harmful toxins from the body.


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