4 Stress Relief Massage Techniques

With so much going on in your day-to-day work and family life, you may find that stress has become a normal part of your life, and you may not know what to do for relief. There are options available to you, and stress relief massage is one of them.

When you think of massage, you may think of high prices at high-end spas, but there are techniques that you can actually do to yourself, whether at home, in the office or even sitting in rush hour traffic. These techniques are simple and best of all will not cost you anything but a few moments of your time. Incorporating them into your daily routine will not only relieve your stress, but with regular use, they may even prevent it.

Here are 4 stress relief massage techniques:

1. Hand Relaxation

  • Rub each of your fingers from base to tip, while gently pulling and twisting along the way.
  • Massage the fleshy portion of your palm, using your thumb and index finger.
  • Squeeze the web located between your index finger and thumb several times.
  • Using firm pressure, massage the entire palm from wrist to finger tips.

2. Neck Tension Relief

  • While sitting, place your hands together behind your head and interlace your fingers. Lean your head forward, allowing the weight of your arms to pull your head down. This causes the muscles not only in your neck, but those in your back, to stretch as well.
  • Still seated, once again lean your head forward and then using your finger tips, massage the back of the area of your neck from the shoulders up to the base of your skull.

3. Relieving Tight Shoulders

For this technique, you will need a ball, tennis or rubber ball.

  • Facing opposite from a wall, stand about 18 inches away and squat down with your buttocks leaning against the wall.
  • Place the ball behind you at the top of your shoulders while leaning back, and then as slowly as possible, stand up. This causes pressure on the shoulder muscles and will massage any stress away.
  • If you come to a particularly tight and sensitive place, stop and keep the pressure on that spot until you feel relief.

4. Easing Stress-Related Headaches

  • Place your thumbs near your ears on your cheekbones and using your fingertips, apply pressure to and rub your temples.
  • With firm pressure and circular motions, move your fingertips up your hairline, meeting at the middle of your forehead. Be sure to massage the entire forehead as well as the scalp.

Keeping your neck, shoulders and hands relaxed with these techniques should reduce the amount of stress you have. When the stress becomes too much and sometimes causes a stress headache, the headache technique can soothe that as well. Reducing or eliminating stress from your life through massage can help you increase your overall well-being, physically and mentally.


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