4 Sports Nutrition Drink Myths

Sports nutrition drinks are often shown in advertisements as the only true quencher of our everlasting thirst. Staying hydrated is of course an essential part of life, as well as athletic performance, but with so many myths surrounding these drinks, it is difficult to know what to believe. Here are some common myths about sports drinks and the truth behind them:

Myth #1: Water is the Best Source for Fluid Replacement

Water is a good source, but it does not have carbohydrates and electrolytes that athletes need to boost energy and increase performance. For this reason, sports drinks are a better source of fluid replacement for athletes.

Myth #2: All Sports Drinks have the Same Functions

It has been shown through research that carbohydrate levels in sports drinks that are too high may slow fluid absorption. However, a simple mixture of glucose and fructose in a level that is not massive may assist the fluid absorption speed. Also, having enough sodium to trigger the thirst mechanism will account for more efficient drinking and faster rehydration of the body. Be sure to buy a reputable brand of sports drink to get the best hydration for your money.

Myth #3: Sports Drinks Cause Weight Gain

Many studies indicate that someone that exercises and drinks sports drinks on a regular basis last longer and work harder, making it less likely that they will burn out during or after working out. Therefore, people who drink sports drinks actually burn more calories than someone that doesn’t drink sports drinks, negating the chances of weight gain.

Myth #4: There is a lot of Sugar and Calories in Sports Nutrition Drinks

Sports drinks typically contain about half the sugar and calories of fruit juice or regular soft drinks.

Sports nutrition drinks can be a great way to get your body rehydrated during or after a workout. Try for yourself and see how you feel after drinking one (after a challenging workout).



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