4 Slimming Ways to Wear a Belt

Belts are not only a great accessory that you can use to embellish your outfit. If you are currently battling some extra weight, a belt can also be a functional accessory to help you look slimmer. Aside from emphasizing your waist and helping you achieve an hourglass figure, there are also other ways that a belt can improve the look of your figure. Here are some slimming ways to wear a belt.

1. Choose the Appropriate Color

One of the first things you need to do when choosing a belt is to decide on the right color. Your goal is to make your belt compliment your outfit and make you look slimmer – not draw attention to any particular part of your body. Just like with most outfits and accessories, black is a safe color when it comes to belts. Not only is black a slimming color, but it also goes with just about any outfit, allowing you to wear it with almost any ensemble. One outfit color that does not go with black is brown. If you are wearing a brown outfit, wear a belt of a different shade of brown or choose an entirely different color.

2. Wear Your Belt on Middle of Waist

The middle waist is perhaps the most common area where women wear their belt. The middle waist is also known as the smallest part of your waist. If you have a bulky middle section and an undefined waist, this doesn’t mean that belts are off-limits for you. On the contrary, a good belt can help you define your waist and give you a slimmer appearance. A wide belt on your middle waist is usually the best look. Be sure to stick to dark or neutral colors and simple designs. Loud colors and complex designs will only call attention to your stomach.

3. Do Not Over-Tighten Your Belt

A lot of overweight women often make the mistake of trying to look slimmer by overly tightening their belt. If you are particularly curvy with a lot of bulge around your waist, tightening your belt too much will just make you look worse. It will cause layers of fat to bunch up below and above the belt, resulting in a very unflattering look. One exception to this rule is when you are wearing a top that is loose enough to hide the fat in your middle section. However, don’t tighten your belt too much, as you might cut off your circulation, making you feel extremely uncomfortable.

4. Wear Your Belt on Your Hips

Another way to wear your belt for a slimmer silhouette is to wear it low on your hips. This is particularly a good idea if you are wearing a somewhat loose top or dress to hide your mid-section bulge. Placing the belt low on the hips will give your upper torso a longer look, which can also have a slimming effect. Since the belt will highlight your womanly hips, don’t forget to walk with plenty of attitude!

Keep these tips in mind the next time you dress up your outfit with a belt.


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