4 Simple Diet Tips to Lose 2 Pounds per Week

A healthy eating habit and a routine exercise regimen are both crucial to lose pounds and drop your dress size. Usually, losing weight is a long term project and extreme weight loss measures can be dangerous. However, in certain situations, you may need to drop weight fast and lose as much as 2 pounds per week. To do this, you have to cut an average of 500 to 600 calories per day from your diet and add 30 minutes of strenuous daily exercise. Speeding up your metabolic rate can also facilitate your weight loss. Below are 4 simple tips to help you along your diet.

1. Eat with Calories in Mind

Losing weight requires self-discipline. You need to keep track of how many calories you have acquired from food and how many you have burned off. Reading the nutrition label for the calorie content in food is a great way to help you keep an accurate calorie count. Remember that serving sizes matter and small servings add up fast. Some foods may look diet-friendly at first glance, but it could be due to a minuscule portion size. Select quality foods that have lots of nutrition, fill your pellet, and have relatively low calorie counts. On average, you should choose foods with no more than 150 to 200 calories per serving.

2. Go for “Light” and “Whole” Foods

Stay away from full fat, sugar loaded and highly processed foods. Foods like donuts, cheesecake and French fries are non-nutritious and are full of empty calories. Select products that are labeled : “light,” “reduced fat,” “nonfat,” “sugar-free” or “whole.” You can save an average of 50 calories per serving if you stay on the lighter side. You should always pick whole grains instead of white bread. They contain much more complex carbohydrates and fiber than the latter, and your body needs to exert a lot more energy to digest whole grains.

3. Eat 5 to 6 Smaller Meals per Day

Skipping meals is harmful to your health and is not conducive to weight loss. A nutritious and satisfying breakfast is especially important to rev up your metabolism and accelerate fat burning. Have a light snack between your breakfast and lunch and another one before dinner. A serving of nonfat yogurt, fruit or a small handful of nuts in between your main meals are all great snack choices to maintain a fast metabolism and help suppress your appetite. Dinner should be kept light and eaten early. Late or calorie-loaded dinners are hard to burn off, and any excess will be stored as fat.

4. Stay Away from Heavy Dressing and Sauces

Creamy or buttery soups, dressings and sauces are laden with saturated fat, salt and sugar. All of these are enemies to weight loss. Saturated fat and sugar is loaded with calories and clogs your blood vessels with cholesterol. Salt makes you retain water, increases your blood pressure and hardens your arteries. Eat your meals with a fork or a pair of chopsticks to drain the extra sauce. Avoiding sauce intake can cut hundreds of calories from your diet, drop your waist size fast, and save you from future heart troubles.


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