4 Safe Weight Gain Products

When you have made a decision to try to gain weight for health or body building reasons, there are a number of safe weight gain products you can use. These types of products should be used in a safe manner, taking care not to gain weight too quickly.

You should also be participating in a medically approved exercise regime so your muscles are gaining strength, and the weight is not turning to fat.

1. Protein Bars

One easy way to gain a little extra weight and add nutrients to your diet, is to eat at least one protein bar each day. There are so many varieties currently available, it should be easy to find one that you enjoy. The variety of flavors available make them a tasty treat.

The key is to find a brand or flavor that has little sugar content, but a lot of protein and good fats. Something with nuts would be a good option.

2. Weight Gain Powders

You can find all kinds of weight gain powders at your local health food stores, body building suppliers or work out gyms. These powders are easy to mix with water, and you can drink them in place of a regular meal or in addition to meals.

You can find these powders in the standard flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and sometimes others. Again, it’s important to pay attention to the sugar content. Weight gain should be mainly muscle mass instead of fat, although some fat is okay.

The two main types of weight gain powders are the ones containing whey protein or soy protein. You should be drinking the powders that contain the isolate forms of these proteins for the best benefits.

3. Creatine Monohydrate

This supplement is mainly used in the body building arena to gain muscle in a healthy way. This is a natural substance that your body creates. You can try the supplement in addition to other methods to create the body you desire.

4. Natural Food Products

Another way to gain weight safely is to simply eat more. There are many varieties of foods that are conducive to safe weight gain. You can increase your intake of healthy proteins by eating lean red meat, chicken and beans. Drink more milk, and eat cottage cheese with fruits and vegetables.

You should have a rough idea of how many calories you normally consume in your regular diet. Once you have a baseline, work to increase that by two hundred calories at a time. Increasing your intake of junk food will not give you the desired effect, although you will probably gain weight.

Eating a lot of whole grain foods, nuts, protein products and healthy dairy products will assist in your safe weight gain. In order for any gain to be considered healthy, it needs to be a slow process, much the same as losing weight. One to two pounds per week is considered the normal range. Gaining weight at this rate and working out with free weights regularly will give you muscle strength and a nice healthy weight.


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