4 Reasons to Use an Online Carbohydrate Counter

An online carbohydrate counter is a great tool that many people swear by to help them lose weight as part of a low carbohydrate diet. A carbohydrate counter will list the total carbohydrate value per serving of any food item, as well as keep a record of your daily carbohydrate intake. Here is why you should use one:

1.     Provides a Database of Common Foods

You can easily type in the foods you are eating, and the online database will provide listings for around 20,000 common food items. Therefore, it saves you time.

2.     Tracks Calories Lost from Exercise

A good calorie counter can help you manage the calories that you burn off on a daily basis. You simply input your current weight, exercise type and duration.

3.     Monitors Nutrients

Online tools track your saturated and trans fats, as well as calcium, folic acid, cholesterol, potassium and water intake.

4.     Inputs Foods Quicker

An online calorie counter speeds up the process of documenting what you eat from the more traditional way of using a book and tracking it by hand. Most people eat 20 to 40 foods daily, and finding things quickly (and getting them inputted) can save you a lot of time throughout the course of the day. Most online calculators can remember your favorite foods that you eat regularly, and therefore allows you to more quickly input what you eat.

An online carbohydrate calculator can be a great time-saving tool that will help you stay on track with your low carbohydrate diet. Take some free trials online, and find one that works for you. Get to tracking your eating so that you can lose that weight.


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