4 Problems Associated with Weight Loss Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin deficiency is a serious concern whenever someone begins dropping weight quickly and drastically. Whether the reason is due to a health concern, weight loss surgery, or even regular dieting, nutrition is extremely important to insure damage isn’t being done to your body.

When we diet, have weight loss surgery, or a health issue that causes us to drop pounds, we are changing the every-day nutrients that go into our bodies. This is why starving oneself or cutting back too drastically on any kind of food can be bad for you. A number of problems can arise from vitamin deficiency.

1. Anemia

Anemia is when the body is not producing enough red blood cells, resulting in “thin” blood. This can occur when our bodies lack the vitamin B12 and iron. Anemia can result in extreme fatigue, and difficulty clotting blood in injuries. Chest pains (called angina) also occur, along with color blindness, tingling in feet and hands (poor circulation) and many psychological symptoms like depression, restlessness and memory loss.

2. Vision Impairment

In addition to such problems as blurred vision (B2 deficiency), color-blindness (vitamin A), and dim vision (vitamins B1, B2, C, B12), there are a long list of problems that can occur when one has deficiencies. They range from infections to macular degeneration. Vitamin A and B2 are especially essential for healthy eyes and vision, and you are at a danger for having a lack of these vitamins with rapid weight loss.

3. Skin Disorders

Another result of vitamins A, B2 and B12 (among others, but these are the most common) are a wide variety of skin problems. A lack of B12 can result in conditions such as discoloration of the joints, yellow skin (jaundice) and shingles. While lack of vitamin A can result in moles, warts, keratosis, dry skin and even skin cancer.

4. Pregnancy Problems & Birth Defects

New studies are being released having to do with the effect of weight loss surgery on women who later go on to become pregnant. Due to the weight loss surgery, pregnant mothers are being diagnosed – even years after the surgery – as being drastically deficient in a number of vitamins.

Not only does this make the pregnancy months dangerous for the mother, but complications can arise for the baby, as well. Some cases have been reported of babies being born with poor or non-existent vision due to vitamin deficiencies of the mother.


Always consult with your physician if you are engaging in anything that causes you to drastically drop weight. Ensure you’re eating healthy and getting the nutrients your body needs. Get yourself tested to see if your body is lacking in any particular nutrient. Whatever foods you are not getting in your daily diet, purchase supplements instead. However, as important as these vitamins are, make extra sure you aren’t taking too many, either. While excess of some vitamins is fine, there are several types of vitamins that can be harmful if taken too much.


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