4 Potential Health Risks of Shapewear and How to Wear it Safely

Shapewear trims your waistline and helps you look toned and sleek. Women wear it to look good in designer clothes, or just in their favorite jeans. Shapewear is quickly becoming a necessity to many women. Some won’t leave home without it, but there are some potential health risks of shapewear, so here are some tips on how to wear it safely.

1. Constriction May Cause Blood Clots

This constriction happens mainly when wearing shapewear on your lower body. There is an elastic band where the shapewear ends, on either the calves or thighs. Sometimes these bands can be too tight, squeezing the calves and thighs, and restricting blood flow to these areas. Loss of blood flow may result in swelling of the legs. Another effect of blood flow loss is blood clots in the legs, which can travel to other parts of the body. 

2. Not Getting Adequate Exercise

You may look so good in your shapewear that you don’t hit the gym or take that walk as often as you used to—if at all. Exercise is important to your health as well as keeping you in shape. Women need adequate exercise to keep the heart healthy, control cholesterol levels and for bone health. Don’t let your great appearance mislead you into thinking you can skip the cardio or any other exercise program you may be a part of. Good looks can never replace good health. 

3. Acid Reflux 

Some women who wear shapewear to slim their midsections find that if it is too constrictive, they experience heartburn. The garment squeezes the midsection and presses on internal organs, which can causes gastric digestive acid to travel up the esophagus, especially after a large or heavy meal. 

4. Breathing Problems

If your shapewear is too restrictive, you may have trouble breathing properly. Some women have even fainted in extreme cases. An extremely tight garment squeezes the lungs, causing your lungs to have difficulty expanding enough to take in a proper amount of oxygen.

Wearing Shapewear Safely

Shapewear is a wonderful product, and a generally safe one. Just be careful not to get too carried away in your quest for awesome curves. For all the reasons listed above, tighter is not always better, and can even be harmful. Make sure that you choose a size that fits comfortably on you. To test whether you’re wearing the correct size, make sure the waist stays in place. If it doesn’t, it’s the wrong fit. If you notice squeezing or binding when you sit down or cross your legs, this means you need a longer leg length. If you notice that your curves aren’t smoothed out, this means that you need a larger size, not a smaller one. The fact is, you have to listen to your body. If you’re uncomfortable, it suggests that you’re not wearing the right type or size of shapewear, and this could lead to health risks that just aren’t worth it. 

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