4 Nutrient Dense Foods for Snacking

Consuming nutrient dense foods in between meals is a great way to fill up and stay satisfied throughout the day. Snacks that offer plenty of protein, fiber and vitamins such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains, are your best bets. These nutrient rich foods are also easy to keep on hand when things seem too hectic to slow down for a real meal. Keep yourself fueled with these power packed snacks that can be eaten any time of day for a quick energy boost.

Trail Mix

You can purchase trail mix that’s already packaged and ready to eat, or you can easily make your own which is ideal in order to control what’s in the mix. A good trail mix consists of at least one type of nut such as almonds, walnuts or peanuts, and at least one dried fruit such as raisins, currants, pineapple or dates. You can add a punch of sweetness by including a handful of chocolate chips or coconut flakes and you’ve got an easy to eat snack that you can keep with you when you are on the run. This nutrient packed snack provides protein; fiber and healthy fats that help keep you full between meals.

Fresh Fruit

You can easily incorporate fruit into your day by keeping it close at hand while running errands, while at work or while keeping up with other daily duties. Fruits such as apples and bananas are excellent sources of fiber. All fruits provide vitamins and minerals that you won’t find in other foods, and it is easy to throw together a fruit salad or to create fruit kabobs that can be kept in the fridge until you’re ready to enjoy them. What’s more is that fruit has a high concentration of water so it’s low in calories. This means that you can eat a lot of it without having to worry about your waist line.

Cheese Sticks

Cheddar cheese sticks and string cheese are easy to carry with you when you’re on the run. They are tasty and they help to fill you up between meals while providing you with a good source of calcium. Cheese can be paired with a piece of fruit or a nice fresh salad to create a mini meal that will help to curb your appetite until you can sit down to a real meal.

Fresh Vegetables

Vegetables are considered some of the most nutrient dense foods because they provide a vast array of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients such as fiber. They can be eaten raw or cooked to provide a power packed snack. Consider steaming fresh broccoli for a quick snack or cutting up carrots, celery and cucumber to dip in ranch dressing. You can also shred veggies and mix them with an Italian dressing to create a quick, easy to eat salad or wrap sprouts and olives drizzled with olive oil in spinach leaves for quick and easy roll ups.


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