4 Non-Invasive Options for Extreme Weight Loss

When thinking about losing weight, people generally want extreme weight loss in as little time as possible. But, for many reasons, sometimes the newer and invasive surgeries (gastric bypass, liposuction) seem too drastic, too expensive or too risky. There are other options, of course.

1. Dieting and Exercise

This is the most common way to lose weight, and likely what your doctor will suggest. Cardiovascular training – including walks and swimming – along with a well balanced diet can do wonders. Speaking to a nutritionist or even working with your physician can get you on this track. The cons, of course, are that it requires a good deal of will-power to stick to it and not slip back into the habit of eating things you shouldn’t eat, or taking up the T.V. remote instead of going out for that jog. But, for those who think they can stick to a healthy routine, extreme weight loss is very possible.

2. Cryolipolysis

Also referred to as Cool-sculpting, this is the act of freezing fat cells in trouble spots on your body. The freezing causes your body to begin disposing of those frozen and now-damaged fat cells. This process happens over the course of a few days or weeks post-treatment. Cryolipolysis is a spot-treatment, however, and is not a whole-body treatment. So, this treatment is primarily for people in decent shape, with certain areas of fat, such as under-arms, post-pregnancy belly fat, etc.

3. StomaphyX

StomaphyX is a new non-invasive “surgery”. To date, it has been performed on several hundred patients with good results, and does not involve incisions or extensive recovery times. This procedure is performed by inserting a microscopic camera and a suction device down the patient’s throat and into her stomach. Using the suction device, the folds of the stomach are gently drawn in, creating folds in the stomach before a band is placed around the stomach to make it smaller. The recovery time for this is much shorter than for regular gastric bypass or implanting a band, and much less risky. Excellent results have been shown in patients who have had previous stomach-stapling or gastric bypass surgeries and have put on weight again.

4. Laser Shaping

Cold laser shaping follows a similar concept to cryolipolysis, but rather than using light vacuums and objects placed directly against the body, this shaping technique relies only on the use of lasers. The patient lays beneath the low-level lasers. These lasers liquefy the bad fat cells, and from there, they travel through the natural course of the body and are expelled. Cold laser shaping requires no down-time after the procedure, however, you do have to go back for several sessions to see maximum results. These sessions all occur within a 2 week period, and it’s strongly advised you do not miss a session.

Every weight loss technique shy of exercise and dietary changes come with pros and cons, whether they are invasive or not. Invasive or non-invasive techniques yield differing results that vary from person to person, and budget plays a big role in what route you want to take.


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