4 Most Flattering Fabrics for Plus Size Pants

Plus size pants can be one of the most difficult clothing styles to shop for. Clothing that hangs from the racks of generic department stores is usually sized generically and may not fit well with your body type. Style and color are important considerations when shopping for plus size pants, but the type of fabric from which the pants are made can make a big difference, both for comfort and style. Choosing wisely can provide you with a style that is flattering for your particular body shape, no matter whether you’re at work, in a casual setting or participating in a vigorous exercise routine. Here are some flattering fabrics for plus size pants:

1. Cotton

Cotton plus size pants are some of the most comfortable pants you can wear. This type of fabric provides a cool and comfortable feel, as it’s usually loosely fitting and flows softly along your curves. Cotton plus size pants come in a variety of colors and styles, and this fabric can also be blended with other types, such as spandex, to give you an even more stylish and better fitting pair of pants. If your bottom half is more of a problem area, choose light colors or dark colors with little to no print, and couple these with a more boisterous top.

2. Rayon

Rayon is an excellent fabric for both casual and professional plus size pants. Since rayon is so lightweight, it tends to flow freely with the body and curtain over unsightly bulges, while still accentuating your beautiful curves. Choose rayon for warm weather events or career clothing, and wear it with a nice jacket or flattering top. Avoid pressure on the waistline by selecting an attractive elastic waistband or side zipper.

3. Denim

Denim is a classic fabric that offers many styles for plus size pants. Be sure to choose from your favorite of many colors and avoid too much embellishment, such as multiple pockets or pleats. Denim can be made to look heavy or may be available in lighter blends. Experiment with this fabric to find just the right type of denim plus size pants for your body shape. A combination button fly with periodic elastic spacing may be your best bet.

4. Spandex and Other Stretchy Material

Spandex isn’t just for the gym anymore. 100% spandex plus size pants are usually tightly fitting and may be most appropriate for a workout. This type of material provides the perfect security during your favorite exercise routine. Many clothing manufacturers are also using this type of fabric in combination with other stretchy material, such as polyester and rayon, for a soft, comfortable and stylish fit. Many styles incorporate a bit of spandex to create a stretchy, yet flowing and loose fitting material to keep you cool, comfortable and in style. Choose styles with a low or folding waistband to take the pressure off your belly. Styles with a wider leg, such as gaucho pants, are not only sexy and fashionable, but are as comfortable as wearing pajamas.


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