4 Makeup Tricks to Enhance Your Features

Knowing which colors to use when applying makeup can make a huge difference in your look. It’s important to consider which colors work best with your eye color. If you think that your eyes are boring, or you’re tired of wearing the same color makeup, it is time to expand your color palette and make your eyes stand out. Whether you have brown, blue, green or hazel eyes, there are colors made just for you that can bring out the best in your eyes.

Brown Eyes

The great thing about having brown eyes is that you can wear almost any color and still look amazing. When it comes to eyeliner, try using darker eyeliner to really make your eyes stand out. Black, dark brown and navy blue are great eyeliner options for brown eyes. If you are bold, then try green. Green eyeliner looks amazing on brown eyes, especially on medium skin tones. As far as mascara, black is obviously a good choice. If you want to mix things up a bit, pick out a nice navy blue. Some great eye shadow options include metallics like copper, bronze and champagne. A metallic pink is another fabulous choice for brown eyes. Also try beige, green or grey. Some fun colors that work on brown eyes are royal blue and tangerine.

Green Eyes

If you have green eyes, warm colors will suit you perfectly. These colors might include purples, mauves, peach, gold, copper and browns. Green eyes should avoid using cool tones such as whites, blues and silvers. It’s good to stay away from black eyeliner. This will create a very harsh look. Instead of black eyeliner, try using dark browns and bronzes. Keep in mind skin tones when working with green eyes. For paler skin, medium purple and pinkish brown eye shadow will work well. For medium skin, brownish pinks and mauves are excellent. For darker skin, try mauve, bronze or purple.

Blue Eyes

Neutral shades look great on blue eyes, such as taupe. Try colors such as copper, bronze, coral, pinks and peach. Cooler tone colors that work well on blue eyes are violet, dark blue and pale pinks. Pinks tend to bring out that amazing blue eye color. For a smoky eye, try using dark brown, copper and charcoal. As far as eyeliner, blue or black will work perfectly. For a change from the normal mascara, try dark blue.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes have a wide variety of makeup options due to the multitude of colors and changes in hazel eyes. If you have eyes that look brown some days and green on others, then you can decide which colors you want to use depending on whatever your present eye color is. Brown-based shadows look great on hazel eyes. In addition to brown, stick with neutrals and rosy pinks. Use grey and black for a more dramatic effect. When applying makeup on the eyelid, you should start by contouring the colors on the lid. This can be done by applying the darker color along the crease of the lid.


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