4 Interval Training Workouts for the Exercise Bike

Interval training is useful for burning fat and increasing endurance. There are many ways to perform interval training, but did you know you could do interval training on an exercise bike? Here are 4 interval training workouts you can perform on an exercise bike.

Interval Training Workout #1: Gradual Intensity

This interval training workout has you begin your intensity training gradually, getting more and more intense overtime. The first high intensity burst should be performed at a moderate pace. Then, with each burst, put forth more and more effort until your reach your maximum performance.

Begin by warming up on your exercise bike for a minute and a half. Begin your first intensity burst for 30 seconds. Slow down to a cardio pace for another minute and a half. Then, begin another intensity burst with more intensity than the first. Continue with this routine for 20 to 30 minutes.

Interval Training Workout #2: An Intermediate Workout

If you’ve done interval training workouts before, or your body has adjusted to your current workouts, this intermediate workout can help get your workouts into a higher gear.

Once you warm up on your exercise bike, begin with an 8 second intense effort, followed by 12 seconds of cardio workout. This should be repeated over and over again for at least 20 minutes.

Interval Training Workout #3: An Advanced Workout

This advanced interval training workout begins by a short amount of intense effort followed by a period of cardio. Subsequent bursts of intensity go for longer, and then you work your way back down in time.

Begin by warming up. Once you are suitably warmed up, intensify your workout for 8 seconds. Follow this with 45 seconds of cardio effort. Intensify again for 10 seconds, and then slow down for 45. The next burst should last 15 seconds followed by 45 seconds of slower intensity. Finally the longest burst of intense workout will last 20 seconds. Slow down for 45 seconds. Each subsequent burst of intensity will wind down the same way you wound up. You will follow with 15 seconds and then 10 seconds followed by 8 seconds.

Once you finish with your last 45 second slow down, rest your body for 2 minutes. Then, you will perform this set another 3 times.

Interval Training Workout #4: The 60 Second Recovery Period

This is a shorter interval workout that works well for beginners. It starts off with a short intensity workout followed by a few longer ones. Begin with 10 seconds of high intensity workout, followed by 60 seconds of low intensity. Then increase to 15 seconds, followed by 20. Recover for 60 seconds each time. Do one additional intense workout at 20 seconds. Rest your body for 2 minutes and then repeat the workout a second time. Follow the workout with 10 minutes of warming down.

These 4 workouts are just a few examples of interval training workout you can do on an exercise bike. You can use these as written or modify them to work best for you.


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