4 Healthy Snacks for Bodybuilding

Even if you’re on a body builder’s diet, healthy snacks are a great way to keep you on track to success. Snacks curve hunger pains, which is important to prevent binges. They can allow you well proportioned tastes of the tempting foods that might not be a regular part of your diet. Here we look at some healthy snacks that won’t throw you off the bodybuilder track.

1. Cracker Canapes

If you’re a serious about building muscle, you’ve probably learned that carbohydrates are to be eaten very sparingly. While good for a quick energy boost, an excess of them can be quickly stored as fat. However, this doesn’t mean you have to banish all flour-products from your pantry, even if you’re a bodybuilder. Crackers are a great way to get the value of carbs into your diet without necessarily bringing all the extra weight with them (especially when paired with delicious proteins). Go traditional, with crackers and peanut (or almond) butter. Both nut butters are naturally unsaturated fats. Use crackers to turn familiar body builder fare into delicious apetizers. Top them with seasoned cottage cheese or a pickle and tuna spread. You can increase your benefits even more if you choose whole grain, high fiber crackers.

2. Fruit and Nuts

Most nuts are an excellent source of protein if you’re trying to build muscle. While they do contain a high porportion of fat, it is of the unsaturated variety, also known as the “healthy” fat. Most fruits contain a small amount of carbs, but these carbs are balanced with fiber and vitamins. Try almonds and apricots, cashews and an apple, or peanuts with a banana. A single serving of each has complimentary flavors and makes a nutritious snack. Due to the remarkable balance of protein, unsaturated fat, fiber and carbs, this snack is also remarkably filling.

3. Chocolate

This is an especially valuable snack to help contain cravings. A reasonable amount of chocolate is not likely to fill you up, but it will satisfy you in other ways. Stay away from milk chocolate. It’s high fat and sugar content is not good for you nor necessary to provide a good chocolate fix. Go for the highest concentration of cocoa you can handle, 70% or higher is best. Besides rich flavor, it will provide you with antioxidants, magnesium and iron. An 100 calorie portion of very dark chocolate is perfectly acceptable in just about any diet.

4. Protein Bars

Protein bars have long been a favorite of weight training athletes. Good quality bars provide a mixture of appetite satisfying nutrition for low calories. There is a large selection of bars available. For instance, Promax 70 Calories Bar combines vitamins, amino acids, carbs and protein in a low calorie bar. It is even available in Nutty Butter flavor, among others. The downside of these bars is price. Only a handful of protein bars will be cost equivalent to two weeks supply of peanut butter. But, they can’t be beat for simplicity, shelf stability and ease of access.

Bodybuilders adhere to strict diets to maximize their performance and appearance. The snacks listed here will not do damage to those careful eating plans. They can provide high nutrition, low calorie satisfaction to even the most attentive eater.


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