4 Healthy Eating Tips for Adolescents

Parents are always in need of healthy eating tips when it comes to their children. It cannot be denied that adolescents have a very busy lifestyle with school, friends and duties at home. So when it comes to eating, they almost always have unhealthy eating habits. If you are concerned about what your children eat and you want to encourage healthier eating habits for them, the following are some basic healthy eating tips that may help you.

1. No Skipping Meals

One of the causes of overeating for adolescents is when they skip a meal. Many adolescents skip breakfast altogether and this is definitely a bad idea as they are more likely to overeat later in the day. Make sure that adolescents eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the right intervals and with the right servings. Small snacks in between will also help them maintain energy throughout the day. In cases where your child will be eating away from home, pack them healthy snacks to take with them so they will not be tempted to run into the first fast food restaurant they see.

2. Low Sugar Intake

Drinks and foods that are high in sugar are also high in calories. They may provide your children with a lot of energy, but they’re not very nutritious because they do not contain any other vitamins and minerals. Encourage your children to drink regular water which is a much healthier choice. Also, it is a good idea to buy diet- or sugar-free sodas for your home.

Serving cakes and desserts is fine every once in a while. However, do not let your teens have too much, as those are loaded with sugars too. Furthermore, cakes and desserts are never a good replacement of a proper healthy meal.

3. Balanced Meals

It is hard to serve a balanced meal nowadays especially for busy parents. With a little preparation and planning, however, it is possible. Try to plan your meals well ahead of time so that you can squeeze in more of the food pyramid into your meals. You can start by planning for 2 days in advance and gradually longer as you get into the routine. Also, you can always experiment with different healthier ways to cook foods. For example, instead of deep frying a particular food, you can grill it instead.

4. Attentive Eating

As a parent it’s a good idea to set aside time so that everyone in your family is together for one meal. Meals should be enjoyed, so always remind your teens to pace themselves and try to relax while eating. An average meal will take about 20 minutes to consume at the right pace. Being together during a meal also has another benefit. It makes a family’s bond stronger.

The stated healthy eating tips will keep your adolescents energized and well nourished for a stronger and healthier body. As a parent, you get peace of mind knowing your children are eating healthy.




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