4 Healthiest Chips and Crackers for Your Avocado Dip

Avocado dip is a great addition to any party. Avocados offer a range of health benefits, including lowering your cholesterol, regulating blood pressure and providing good fats. Avocado dip is also easy to make and cost effective, because ingredients are easy to pick up. Before you walk out the door with your famous avocado dip, think about the chips and crackers you’ll pair with the dip to make it shine as the star of the party. Choose the healthiest chips and crackers to increase the health benefits of your dip.

1. Multi-Grain Crackers

Multi-grain crackers are readily available from all your favorite brands and stand up well to the creaminess of avocado dip. With a rich, thick dip you need a sturdy cracker that won’t break and that have a texture to contrast the creaminess. Multi-grain cracker varieties will do just that and bring a nutty flavor to the combination. Multi-grains bring added benefits and a boost of fiber which will fill you up and help keep you from overeating and taking in too many calories.

2. Pita Chips

Pita chips are naturally low in fat and offer a crisp texture with a light airy chip. Pita chips are readily available at most grocery stores in a variety of flavors, including original, miltigrain, cinnamon and sugar, Italian, garlic and herb, and more. Wheat flour, oats and other ingredients take these chips to the next level and set them apart from their potato and white flour counterparts.

3. Bagel Chips

Similar in texture to pita chips, bagel chips offer the yeasty flavor of a bagel with the crunch of a chip. There are many varieties available including original, garlic and herbs, Parmesan and more. Bagel chips are also readily available and easy to make at home. Grab some of your favorite mini-bagels, cut them into bite-size pieces and season with your favorite seasonings. Pop them in an oven at a low-to-medium temperature and bake until crisp.

4. Homemade Chips and Crackers

Don’t stand in the snack aisle hoping you make the right choice; take matters into your own hands and impress your guests with homemade chips and crackers. Easy to make chips include bagel chips, pita chips and tortilla chips. Because of the thick or chunky texture of avocado dip, tortilla chipcs may break too easily and get stuck in the dip. Pita chips can be done much the same as the bagel chips. For crackers, use a great breadstick recipe and roll the dough incredibly thin and cut into the cracker shapes you want. Consider cooking at a lower temperature than you usually would to help them get perfectly crisp without getting burnt.

No matter how great your avocado dip is, your guests will never know if they don’t have a great cracker or chip to dip in it. Choosing one of the healthiest chips or crackers gives your guests a better experience and pairs the health benefits of avocados with whole or multi-grains. Chips and crackers can be a good choice when you stick to healthy ingredients like whole wheat, whole grains and natural flavors, and avoid preservatives.


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