4 Health Benefits of White Tea

If you want to boost your overall health through better drinking, try looking at the health benefits of white tea. White tea offers your body some unique elements that can help lead to better health. Learning more about them might just inspire you to make the switch and utilize the powerful health effects of a drink that is popular around the world.

What is White Tea?

Various kinds of tea are made from the Camilla Sinensis plant and harvested and produced differently. White tea is made from immature leaves that are plucked early in their life cycle. This means that their tea leaves have a different formulation than they do when they are fully mature.

Here are some of the most popular reasons for buying this kind of tea and adding it to your diet.

1. “Young” Tea and Polyphenols

Because the white tea is picked earlier, it has more of a kind of element called polyphenols that scientists have found to contain powerful antioxidant properties. Antioxidants, mostly found in fresh fruit and vegetables and other plants, have a wide range of health benefits. Antioxidants can help fight off some kinds of cancers. They can also help with heart health and boost the immune system. These overall health boosters are a prized part of what white tea does for the body.

2. Fluoride

White tea contains high levels of fluoride. This is the stuff that manufacturers put in quality toothpaste and mouthwashes in order to help consumers deal with the buildup of plaque on the teeth and possible tooth decay. The fluoridization of white tea is another reason it is so popular with some health minded brewers.

3. Catechins

Another kind of element that is abundant in white tea, catechins, help to combat high cholesterol levels. Those who want a better cholesterol balance may find they do well to include tea in their diet, along with some foods containing plant sterols that provide the needed cholesterol rather than the kind associated with fatty foods and bad health.

4. Helpful Circulation and Blood Pressure Properties

White tea does more than just work toward a better cholesterol number, it also helps with the other side of the heart health equation. Scientists have found that white tea can also help with high blood pressure or hypertension. Since white tea can help with both of the two main causes associated with heart risks, it is an overall way to stay healthier if you are prone to either hypertension or high cholesterol.

These are just some of the health benefits of drinking white tea. White tea contains less of the caffeine and other substances found in the green and black teas, and also has a high yield of various powerful health agents mentioned above. Try adding white tea to your diet to feel better and contribute to longevity and quality of life.



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