4 Guilt-Free, Healthy Desserts

Healthy desserts make for guilt free indulgences. We all know that life is much more enjoyable when desserts aren’t off limits, so don’t hold back from enjoying one a couple of times each week. If you opt for lower calorie desserts (or desserts with some nutritional value), you’re not going to do your diet any harm by consuming one every day of the week. Make smart dessert decisions most days, and then you can indulge in something truly decadent at the end of the week.

1. Fruit Bowl with Cream Cheese Spread

There really isn’t a healthier dessert for you to eat than fruit. However, when you’re wanting an indulgent treat, a bowl of fruit by itself may not satisfy your cravings. Make it a little more special by preparing a special (and simple) cream cheese spread to enjoy with your fruit. Take a fifth of a package of low fat cream cheese and mix it with a tablespoon of sugar. This sweet spread is commonly used on fruit pizza desserts and cookies. While not the healthiest food, the spread isn’t harmful when consumed in small quantities. You’re just dipping the fruit in it anyway.

2. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Again, this dessert incorporates fruit. Strawberries are full of fiber, so unlike many desserts available, it’s not full of empty calories! You’ll actually feel fuller when you eat chocolate covered strawberries as opposed to other desserts. While coating the fruit in any kind of chocolate is fine, your healthiest option is dark chocolate with 70 per cent cocoa or higher. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that help clear harmful radicals from your body. It’s rich flavor will compliment the strawberry nicely. For and even healthier chocolate berry, sprinkle some crushed almonds or walnuts on the chocolate before it hardens.

3. Jello

Jello is so low in calories that you can eat an entire bowl full without feeling guilt hours later (unlike that fudge sundae!). Topped with a little bit of low fat whipped cream or a spoon full of cool whip, Jello is a light dessert that satisfies your sugar craving.

4. Pudding Parfait

Pre-packaged pudding snacks make great guilt-free desserts because of the controlled portion sizes and the reasonable calorie number. You can make the dessert even more guilt-free by purchasing the cold refridgerated pudding–it typically packs more calcium than the standard packs you find on the grocery shelf. Mix in some raspberries and top with a little bit of low fat whipped cream. Enjoy with a couple of Nilla Wafer cookies. This indulgent little treat will leave you feeling satisfied despite the minimal calories.

Desserts are given a bad reputation when, truly, any food is okay when eaten in moderation. If you’re the type of person who enjoys eating a dessert everyday, consider trying some of the desserts listed above. It’s a win-win situation–you won’t feel deprived and also won’t feel guilty hours after eating one!


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