4 Great Plus Size Pants for Working Out at the Gym

Finding the best plus size pants for working out at the gym can make your exercise experience much more pleasant. There are several styles and fabric types that can help to keep you cool, dry and secure, no matter what your workout routine. Whether you’re looking for something that is cool and fits loosely, or a style that snugs your problem areas and keeps you secure for a vigorous exercise, you should be able to find the perfect style for your body type.

1. Sweatpants

Sweatpants will always be a classic type of style for plus size pants. Nowadays, sweatpants come in many stylish colors and patterns, and can be worn during all types of exercise routines. Sweatpants are generally made from a heavier type of material and can therefore be too warm during strenuous activity. If you’re moving around in a cooler area or need something warm right after a workout, this style of plus size pants is the perfect choice. Sweatpants are generally quite baggy and have a comfortable, drawstring waistband.

2. Tight Stretchy Material

Material that is tight but still stretchy, such as Spandex, would likely be the other first choice for plus size pants at the gym. Spandex pants, whether short or long, fit tightly enough to keep you feeling secure, but are stretchy enough to keep from binding on all the wrong areas, allowing for freedom of movement. This type of fabric is a popular choice, but there are quite a few other options for pants that give you comfort, while still being loose enough to move freely. Look for styles that have a Spandex blend with looser legs, for a more fashionable approach to your workout, or one of the many other types of pants which will stretch with you as you bend and flex during activity.

3. Elastic Waistband

You’ll want to avoid any type of plus size pants style with a button fly or zipper when working out. This type of waist can be very constricting and uncomfortable to wear anytime, especially when running, jogging or walking on the treadmill. While pants with an elastic waistband are generally not at the top of the fashion food chain, this type of style is most appropriate when you’re planning to engage in a lot of movement. There are many ways to get a stretchy waistband and a fashionable look at the same time, while selecting appropriate fabric types for the gym.

4. Fabric that Repels Moisture

There are several types of fabric on the market today that can repel moisture and keep you dry. If you workout at the gym regularly, you may benefit from looking for plus size pants that are made of this type of material. There are several styles, both free flowing and tighter-fitting, made from a material that fits like Spandex. This unique material is made to absorb moisture from sweat in warm or hot conditions, creating a breezy feel and the utmost comfort.


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