4 Fun Weight Loss Activities with Friends

Eating well and living an active lifestyle are the two key components of weight loss and maintenance. While you cannot control what your friends eat, you can have a say in the activities you partake in with them. Opting to engage in fun and athletic activities during your time spent together, rather than sedentary activities like watching movies or sitting at a bar drinking beer, can help you all to lose weight, stay in shape and have a more memorable time. Here are some fun weight loss activities you can engage in with your friends.

1. Recreational Sports

Joining a recreational sports team, such as softball, is not only a great way to meet new people or bond with old friends, it’s also a fantastic way to be active and lose weight. Because it’s social, you concentrate more on having fun than you do the physical effort you’re putting forth. If you’re on a league that meets once or twice a week, you’ve already carved out some weight loss activity. Be careful, though–don’t undo your good work by enjoying too many beers after the game. Stick to one. Better yet, stick to water.

2. Hiking

You don’t have to live near a mountain to go for a hike with your friends (though it’s great if you do live near one)! Find a local trail near your community and go on a hiking excursion. Nothing close by? Make a day out of it and drive the distance to get to a hiking trail. Hiking is a great weight loss activity and also a great way to enjoy nature and fresh air with your friends. Pack a picnic basket full of healthy foods to enjoy for lunch.

3. Rollerskating or Rollerblading

There’s nothing like a little old-school fun with friends to make an evening or afternoon memorable. Relive those elementary school parties of years long since passed and hit up your local rollerskating rink. Rollerskating in a social setting is one of those weight loss activities that doesn’t feel like exercise. Generally speaking, that’s the best kind of exercise there is! You can also grab your own skates and hit a local park to roller blade along the paved sidewalks. Indoors or outdoors, rollerblading and rollerskating are fun and efficient ways to burn calories.

4. Picnic Games

When summer rolls around, so do ample outdoor BBQ gatherings with friends and family. Take the focus away from drinking and eating and add some physical activity to the events. Plan to do potato sack races, games of volleyball and relay races. While these activities may not be the most efficient ways to lose weight, every little bit counts. You can sit around and drink beer with your friends any day–try something different!

Being active can be fun if you find activities you actually enjoy. It’ll take the work out of weight loss.


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