4 Fun Summer Sports for Family Exercise

Summer sports are not just a great way to lose weight and become fit this summer. When done with the entire family, summer sports could also prove to become a good way for your family to bond with each other. So this summer, don’t let the months of sunny weather pass you by. Roll up your sleeves, gather up the entire family and try these family exercise ideas for some absolute summer fun.

1. Go Outside

In today’s day and age of Internet and video games, children are spending more and more time indoors and less time outside the house. If your kids would rather spend hours in front of the computer or the TV, then summertime is a great time to introduce them to the beauty of the outdoors. Think back to your childhood and try to remember the outdoor games that you used to enjoy as a kid, whether it’s a game of good old catch or freeze tag. Introduce these games to your kids and encourage them to put their own twist to the game. Other popular outdoor activities for children include roller skating, bike riding and volleyball. If you are finding the heat intolerable, you can also take the whole family to the local swimming pool or better yet, rent a rowboat or canoe and drive down to your nearest lake or river.

2. Go Camping

Camping is another classic summer activity that rarely fails to provide exercise, maximum fun and bonding moments for families. Even if you’ve never camped before, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a successful camping trip with your family. The first thing you need to do is choose a good camp site. Flip through books, surf the Internet and ask other families about family-friendly parks and forests that you can explore. Hiking through the woods will not only provide your family with some much-needed exercise, but it will also expose them to the beauty of nature.

3. Organized Sports

If you’re a sports lover then you probably know that no vacation is complete without the excitement of playing ball games. Know which ball games your kids are interested in so you can proceed to teach them the basic techniques. Once they can hold their own, why not invite other families and kids in the neighborhood to join in for some friendly competition? You and the other parents can take turns coaching. Not only will your family get enough exercise but these games will also improve your social ties with the rest of the neighborhood.

4. Go Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is another good summer activity that can provide fun for children of all ages. Hide a small trinket somewhere in the yard and leave clues such as a map for your kids to figure out where the “treasure” is hidden. While younger children will enjoy the simple thrill of exploring the outdoors looking for treasures, older children will surely like the challenge of figuring out clues.

No matter which sport or activity you choose, make sure that your entire family has plenty of sunscreen protection when going out into the sun. Make sure that everyone drinks plenty of water as well to prevent dehydration.


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