4 Fun and Intense Winter Exercise Ideas

While some people prefer to stay bundled in their homes during the cold winter months, others can’t wait to participate in winter exercise. Skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating are only a few of the great winter activities that are guaranteed to help you stay healthy during the winter.

Cross Country Skiing

One of the most fun and intense types of winter exercise is cross country skiing. As the name suggests, cross country skiing involves skiing over flat surfaces (though they might have minor hills along the way) for an extended period of time. Cross country skiing is not only guaranteed to help you lose weight, but it can also greatly improve your cardiovascular system. For best results, start out slowly, and gradually work your way up. For example, start by cross country skiing in an area that is relatively flat for 20 minutes. Once this becomes more tolerable, gradually increase both the amount of time spent cross country skiing, as well as the difficulty of the landscape.

Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiing is another great winter exercise that the whole family can enjoy. Unlike cross country skiing, downhill skiing can be quite dangerous. Before attempting any hill, it is essential that you are fitted properly for a pair of skis by a professional who is well-versed is sizing skis. In addition, you may want to take a few lessons from a ski coach before attempting a hill. These people can teach you the basics of how to turn, stop, and slow down. As with cross country skiing, it is important to start slowly and gradually work your way up. Don’t be embarrassed to start your ski trip on the bunny hills. Once you feel like you have mastered these, you can attempt one of the smaller runs on the hill. Go slowly at first, and gradually increase the rate at which you ski down the hill as your ability and confidence increases.


Snowshoeing is a fun type of winter exercise that involves strapping a pair of snowshoes onto your feet and hiking into a winter wonderland. While snowshoes could typically be once found only in northern climates, you can now typically find them at sporting goods stores around the country. As with the other winter activities mentioned above, be sure not to overdo the snowshoeing right away. Start out slowly and gradually increase the intensity. Doing too much too quickly can not only cause tired muscles and sore bones, but may actually turn you off on the idea of snowshoeing entirely.

Ice Skating

Finally, ice skating is a popular sport that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. It is essential that you find a pair of ice skates that fit you properly in order to prevent injury and maximize fun while ice skating. While you can still find some outdoor ice skating rinks, more and more are now being built inside. Pack your mittens and hats, and have a great time!


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