4 Foods to Avoid to Reduce Belly Fat

Not only does belly fat look unpleasant, it can also become dangerously unhealthy for an individual to carry all the unnecessary fat around the abdomen. Belly fat may increase the risk of certain conditions such as heart-related diseases, stroke and diabetes. It is therefore important that you know what foods to avoid in order to reduce belly fat.

1. Foods that Contain Trans Fats

Manufacturers put additives into the foods they produce. It is a practice for many to inject extra hydrogen atoms in common oils to make the food taste better. However, this causes the foods to have high trans and saturated fats that are very unhealthy. One cause of belly fat is the consumption of processed foods that are high in trans fat. It also increases the risk of developing hypertension and other health conditions.

Avoiding foods that have high levels of trans fat will help in the reduction of belly fat. Refrain from consuming processed or packaged foods like donuts and pizzas. Furthermore, get into the habit of reading the nutritional labels of the foods you buy and avoid foods that are marked “partially hydrogenated.”

2. Sugary and Simple Carbs Foods

Sweet foods or foods that have high levels of sugar cause insulin to overreact, and this in turn causes the body to store fat. Generally, the fat that is stored around the abdomenal area. Sugary foods and simple carbs also signal your body to keep eating, even if you’re not hungry. It can lead to overeating and obesity if not controlled or managed.

To reduce belly fat, avoid sugary foods that offer very little nutrients such as soda and junk foods like potato chips, chocolates and candies. For your sugar fix, opt for sweet fruits that provide the body with more nutritional benefits like vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.

3. Fast Foods to Fast Belly Fat

It is very convenient to just order fast foods, especially when you’re very busy. However, fast foods are the stomach’s worst nightmare. Most fast foods contain an overwhelming amount of trans fat, and the sauces that come with them are loaded with calories. Hamburgers, French fries and onion rings may be an easy and quick solution. However, if you often have fast foods, a bulge will start to appear around your stomach before you know it.

There are many fast food restaurants that offer healthier foods. Try to choose a healthier substitute like a sandwich with little or no mayonnaise to prevent you from developing belly fat.

4. Rich Creamy Foods

Rich creamy foods are very good in satisfying your taste buds. However, it is one of the major culprits when it comes to belly fat. Foods that contain high levels of cream like ice creams, salad dressings and gravies also contain high levels of calories, cholesterol and fats. Foods like macaroni and cheese, mousse, cheesecake, cream soups and cream pies and quiches are some of the foods that have high cream contents.

Prevention is better than cure, so by knowing the foods that contribute to belly fat, you will also know the foods to avoid.


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