4 Foods to Avoid on the Sunny Side Diet

If you have been following the Sunny Side diet, you’ve probably worked hard to learn the foods and cooking styles that characterize it. The Sunny Side Diet encourages dieters to follow a vegan diet, which means no meat or any food that comes from any part of an animal. Since the exclusion of animal products takes out so much dietary fat, the foods recommended on this diet tend to be low in fat and calories. The other side of the Sunny Side Diet is how food is prepared; healthy, environmentally-friendly cooking methods are encouraged. This means choosing to braise, steam or boil food. Sometimes it even means eating food raw. While following the Sunny Side Diet, there are certain foods you should avoid in order to get the most from this diet plan.

1. Deep-Fried Vegetables

While vegetables are one of the main food groups for the Sunny Side Diet, eating them deep-fried cancels out all the health benefits. Deep-frying is not an approved cooking method on the Sunny Side Diet because it adds extra calories, leeches important vitamins and minerals from your food and is believed by practitioners to be hard on the environment. Instead, eat your vegetables raw or steamed to get all their nutritional value.

2. Cheese

It’s easy to remember to not eat meat when you’re following a vegan diet, but some people may forget that cheese is also a non-vegan food. Since it’s produced from an animal product, any regular cheese is off limits when following the Sunny Side Diet. If you’re really craving some cheese, try one of the many varieties of delicious vegan cheese available. Many people can’t even tell the difference between regular cheese and vegan cheese.

3. Gelatin Snacks

Those gelatin fruit cups are a tempting and easy snack when you’re on the go, but they’re not a good choice when on the Sunny Side Diet. Gelatin is produced by boiling animal parts, so it’s not a vegan-approved food. Instead of relying on fruit-flavored gelatin, try making up snack bags of fresh or frozen fruit that you can grab when you’re short on time. There are also vegan alternatives; agar agar and Kuzu root are two options for vegans who love gelatin.

4. Ice Cream

Ice cream is another food that some new vegans forget they can’t eat, since milk is obtained from animals without harming them. However, the amount of animal products in ice cream is staggering. There’s milk, cream and a number of preservatives that are often derived from animal byproducts. If you’re on the Sunny Side Diet, you don’t have to give up ice cream for good. There are vegan alternatives, including frozen dairy treats made from soy or rice.

By checking food labels and being careful about what you eat, it’s easy to stick to the Sunny Side Diet and make good food choices. If you find yourself missing a non-vegan food, hit the local grocery store. As vegan diets become more popular, there is almost always a good alternative for vegans.


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