4 Foods to Avoid on the Perricone Diet

The Perricone Diet is based upon a conclusion by Dr. Nicholas Perricone that certain foods cause inflammation, which leads to wrinkles, aging, obesity and a number of other major health problems, including heart disease and cancer. This diet isn’t specifically aimed at losing weight, but regaining health, memory, mental sharpness and energy. Weight loss is a byproduct of following this plan, which is based upon eliminating foods with a high glycemic index. There are many foods that should be avoided when following Dr. Perricone’s plan for slowing the aging process, eliminating water weight and maintaining smooth skin and a healthy weight. A good rule of thumb is to cut out any foods containing sugar, starch or flour.

1. Sugar

Sugar and foods containing sugar are some of the top substances to avoid when participating in the Perricone Diet. Since this diet is based upon stopping inflammation in the body, sugar is the major food ingredient that should be completely cut from your diet. You may be surprised at the types of foods that contain sugar, in any of its many forms. Avoid eating the obvious culprits, such as candy, sugary cereals, soda (including diet soda) cookies and cake, but also take care to cut out concentrated fruit juices, certain breads such as bagels, croissants, baguettes and white bread. Fruits with a high sugar content, like grapes, oranges, papaya, raisins, watermelon and mangos, also have no place in the plan. Other sugary foods that Dr. Perricone warns against are ice cream, french fries, honey, pastries, pies, pudding and jams, and jellies

2. Starch

Starch is another ingredient to avoid when on the Perricone Diet. Starches also invoke an inflammatory response by the body, leading to what Dr. Perricone believes causes many an ailment. Foods like breads, cereals (except non-instant oatmeal), cornstarch, corn syrup (found in many packaged and processed foods), chips and many snack foods contain starch and other ingredients that should be avoided.

3. Flour

Flour is the main ingredient used in many breads, however, the Perricone diet advises against the intake of this ingredient as well. Foods that contain flour, such as pancakes, pizza, crackers and noodles, are among the list of things to remove from your dinner table. You might begin to check the ingredients label for all foods when shopping at the grocery store. Many foods that have become habitual to your eating habits contain these ingredients or harmful chemicals that should be avoided no matter which diet you choose.

4. Other Foods and Substances to Avoid

The majority of foods to avoid on the Perricone Diet are those that contain sugar, flour and starchy substances. There are also other foods, drinks and substances, whether or not they contain these ingredients, that aren’t part of the plan. Alcohol should not be consumed while on this diet, as well as coffee, beef, rice and hard cheese. Fast food contains sugars and other ingredients not good for the body, and hot dogs, frozen yogurt, granola, popcorn and shortening and fried foods should be taken out of your eating plan as well.


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