4 Foods to Avoid on the Park Avenue Diet

Following the Park Avenue Diet is one way to get the fit and trim figure you have been searching for. This diet, created by Manhattan doctor Stuart Fisher, gives you all the tools to transform yourself with not only diet, but also with your fashion, beauty and poise. If you are motivated by the goal to look rich and famous, this may be the plan you have been searching for.

Park Avenue Diet Overview

The Park Avenue Diet is a complete overhaul of your lifestyle, aimed at giving you the guidelines that the rich and famous follow to stay thin and beautiful. Based primarily on reducing calories, the diet’s six week meal plan gives you a concise overview of what to eat throughout the diet’s duration, including plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, seafood and limited dairy products. However, there are several things that must be restricted from your diet while participating in the Park Avenue Diet. These prohibited foods include:

1. Sweets

As with many diets, refined sugars as well as some natural sugars are eliminated from the diet to promote weight loss. These empty calories generally offer little nutritional value and make it difficult to lose weight. Eliminating sweets from the diet is one of the quickest ways to begin losing weight.

2. Alcohol

Another empty calorie culprit, alcohol does not have nutritional value and therefore when trying to lose weight, it should be cut from the diet. Alcohol can range from 100 calories per drink to several hundred and will need to be avoided while on the Park Avenue Diet to recognize the full effects of the calorie-restricted diet.

3. Fruit Juice

Though fruit juice is nutritionally sound, it is better to get your nutrition from eating the actual fruit so that your body gets all the fiber present in fruit in its solid form. Fruit juice alone can pack on the calories rather quickly without giving you the feeling of being full. For this reason, it should be avoided as part of this diet. To satisfy a sweet tooth, fresh fruit is the best option.

4. Milk

Milk also packs on the calories and fat. Much of the vitamin content, such as calcium, that is found in milk can be consumed in other forms like fresh green leafy vegetables. Additionally, the Park Avenue Diet does allow other milk products like yogurt in the diet. By getting your calcium and other nutrients from plant-based sources, you will be consuming less calories and lose weight faster.

By sticking to the Park Avenue Diet for the duration of its six-week plan, you can expect to lose one or two pounds weekly. Though the calorie restrictions may be hard to handle for some people, this six-week plan is quite effective in dropping several pounds. However, to maintain this level of weight loss or even just maintain your new figure, you will have to establish healthy eating habits once off of the diet as well. Eating lean proteins, plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grains is the best way to continue on your new path to looking great.


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