4 Foods to Avoid on the Kind Diet

The Kind Diet is based on vegan eating principles, meaning you don’t consume any meat or animal products. Created by actress Alicia Silverstone, the Kind diet is more than a temporary fix–it’s a lifestyle change. It can be a challenge switching to a plant-based diet, not because there are a lack of food options available, but because many foods we consume contain animal products and we don’t even know it. It’ll take some time to adjust and learn which foods are okay and which need to be substituted. Here are some foods you will definitely need to avoid on the Kind Diet.

1. Meat

Meat is obviously a food you’ll avoid consuming on the Kind Diet. Chances are, however, that if you’re looking to start the Kind Diet, you’ve already started eliminating meat from your meals. It’s the easiest food to avoid in terms of distinction–you don’t have to decipher any labels, you just have to avoid the meat aisle. Tofu and beans make nice meat substitutions.

2. Dairy Products

Conventional milk has to be avoided. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for substitution including soy milk and rice milk. Along with milk, dairy products in general have no place in the Kind Diet. Since dairy products are made with animal products, you can no longer consume them. Avoiding dairy products can prove to be challenging. Not only is dairy one of the major food groups, but dairy products are commonly used in many recipes including desserts. Ice cream? Kiss those cartons of the sweet stuff goodbye. You can still enjoy ice cream, but only the special vegan varieties.

3. Eggs

Since eggs come from chickens, they are an animal product and must be avoided in the Kind Diet. Check out your local health food store for egg substitutes.

4. Pre-Packaged Snacks

When you begin the Kind Diet, you’ll quickly learn that you need to read the labels of all the foods you bring into your kitchen. Most popular packaged snacks, like cookies, crackers, pastas and baked goods, contain hidden animal products. Whey, gelatin and lecithin, for example, are all animal products listed on the labels of many conventional snacks found on the aisles of grocery stores.

When you decide to begin the Kind Diet, one of the first things you should do is take a stroll through your local health or whole foods grocery store and look at the vegan products available. While it may seem like you have to completely reinvent your diet, it’s easier today than ever before to make the switch. Start by stocking up on plant-based proteins like beans and whole grains. Add other vegetables and fruits to round out your meals. Also take a look at what kinds of vegan substitute products are available. Don’t expect to take on the Kind Diet all at once. Plan to remove one major non-vegan food from your diet each week.


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