4 Foods to Avoid on the French Women Don't Get Fat Diet

The French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet is not a typical weight loss plan. You don’t count calories or restrict food groups. Instead, you focus on slowing down when you eat and taking time to enjoy your food. Eating becomes a pleasurable activity instead of a race to scarf down every last bite on your plate. This diet allows you to eat creamy, buttery and flavorful foods including things like pastries and cakes. You eat good foods of high quality and eat smaller portions. The plan works because it’s less of a diet and more of a change in your relationship with food. You learn how to enjoy each bite, focus on consuming only high quality foods and eat slowly to avoid overeating.

While the diet allows you to indulge in flavorful and scrumptious foods, there are some stipulations. Here are some foods to avoid while you’re on the French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet.

1. Fried Foods

Practically any diet plan on the market is going to tell you to avoid fried foods. Frying a food does adds no nutritional value. Instead, it adds harmful fats and calories. Most fried foods, like french fries, are just empty calories that could easily be replaced with nutrient-dense, low calorie foods like sauteed vegetables or fresh fruit. Those foods that aren’t empty in calories, like chicken and fish, can be prepared using other methods than deep frying.

2. Pre-Packaged Foods

The French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet stresses the importance of eating fresh foods. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, yogurts and foods you find at farmer’s markets and in the perimeter of the grocery store are the focus of this diet, as they’re nutrient dense, flavorful and contain little, if any, artificial ingredients. Steer clear of any pre-packaged junk foods. It’s best to go ahead and cross those cookies and potato chips off of your grocery list. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy sweet and calorie-dense foods like pastries and cupcakes. The idea is to consume treats that are incredibly satisfying. Eating a handful of packaged cookies isn’t nearly as indulgent as eating a sliver of homemade chocolate cake. Calorie wise, you’re probably in the same ballpark, and you’ll feel more satisfied afterward. Pre-packaged foods lead to eating for the sake of eating, not for enjoyment. Go for the elaborate desserts, but only eat a few bites or a very small portion slowly.

3. Hard Alcohol

Hard Alcohol is the king of empty calories. Mixed with sugary cocktail juices or soda, you can easily consume close to 1,000 calories a night if you drink two or more. Hard alcohol has no place in any diet, including this one. If you like to drink, switch to enjoying a glass of red wine once a day.

4. Soda

Again with the empty calories – sugary soda drinks have no nutritional value. Cut them from your diet and your daily sugar and calorie intake with decrease dramatically. Drink water and herbal teas instead.

The French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet works if you can practice some discipline and restraint. Look at eating as something to be enjoyed. Take your time, seek quality ingredients and buy fresh and flavorful foods.


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