4 Flattering Swimwear Ideas for Plus Size Women


Shopping for swimwear when you’re plus sized is usually not the most fun experience in the world. Even women with so called “ideal body types” can be unnerved at the thought of swimsuit shopping. More often than not, dressing room lighting is less than flattering which only contributes to the stress of trying on swimsuits. Fortunately, there are more options for plus size women than ever before. You can look stylish at the beach this summer. Read through these 4 ideas and learn the secrets of finding the most flattering swimwear for your plus size figure.

1.     Shop at Specialty Stores

There are many clothing stores that cater to plus size women. These stores will often have the largest selection of suits in your size. Many department stores will also have a fairly, large plus size section. You’ll want to shop early for the best selection. You may want to consider shopping online. If you know your size and have a good idea what style swimsuits flatter you, this may be the most convenient option. You can try on suits in the privacy of your own home, plus many companies offer free shipping and exchanges.

2.     Keep it Simple

Solid colors are usually more flattering on plus size figures. Dark colors can be especially slimming. However, this doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to a basic, black swimsuit. Deep burgundy, navy, and rich, chocolate brown are all slimming colors. If your heart is set on a printed suit, look for one where the design is on the smallest part of your body. For example if you are larger through the bottom, look for a suit where the top portion features a bold print and bottom is a solid color. The same goes for embellishments, limit ruffles and rhinestones to the areas of your body that you want to show off. Use embellishments to strategically draw the eye to the parts of your body that you are most proud of.

3.     Look for Separates

Many people need different sizes to properly fit their top and bottom halves. Thank goodness the swimsuit manufactures have wised up over the years; you can now find a large variety of suits sold as separates. Try finding 2 sets of swimsuit separates that can be mixed and match to create several looks. Tankinis can be especially flattering on plus size figures and are often more comfortable than one-piece suits. They are definitely easier to deal with in the restroom. Look for tankini tops with built-in support features if you have a large bust.

4.     Purchase a Matching Sarong

A wonderful way to dress up your suit and ensure modesty, if you’re less than comfortable exposing your figure, is to wear a beautiful sarong or wrap. These lovely accessories allow you to go right from the pool to lunch without needing to change out of your bathing suit.


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