4 Flattering Haircuts for a Heart Shaped Face

Finding the perfect haircut does not only mean making sure that you’re in style and in season, but also that your haircut matches your face shape perfectly. For women with a heart shaped face, this will not pose too much of a problem. Luckily for you, this face shape is very versatile, and most haircuts will actually look good on you. Your best asset is your cheekbones, so your cut should flaunt and emphasize these. Make sure to avoid straight cuts; you want to keep your hair gently layered and textured. Blunt bangs are also a big no-no for your face shape. These make your temples look wider, and draw too much attention to your pointy chin.

Here are 4 great haircuts that you may want to try out:

1. Chin-Length Bob

For women with a heart shape, the focal point of your face is your chin. The most flattering cuts are those that draw attention away from your pointy chin, and up into your eyebrows and cheekbones. The chin-length bob is a great cut that is often sported by many celebrities with this face shape. With the right layering on this cut, the tips of your hair will successfully cover and frame your chin, and the volume of this cut will highlight the upper part of your face. Make sure to keep your bangs long, and sweep them sexily across your forehead.

2. Layered and Straight

This is the cut that was often sported by Jennifer Aniston, and one that works well for women with a heart shaped face. If you like to keep your hair straight, get a haircut with layers that fall gently over your face. This frames your shape nicely, and also draws attention to your cheekbones more. Get a layered haircut also because this adds more body and volume to your ‘do.

3. Wavy Layers

Wavy and curly hair look great on a heart shaped face because it gives you a flirtatious and feminine look. The curly locks also de-emphasize your wide forehead and temples, and balances out your sharp chin with this curvy hairstyle. Avoid growing your hair too long; a length that falls just below the collarbone is perfect. Keep your bangs long and layered too, and sweep them across your forehead to bring more attention to your eyes.

4. Angled Bob

Popularized by Posh Spice Victoria Beckham, the angled bob or more known as The Pob is a reinvented hairstyle. This haircut is short at the back, and long in front. This is an option for women with a heart shaped face if they want to keep their hair short. Since an uber short crop is not advisable, this is a twist that you can try. You can shag the front layers more to create texture. Keep the edges soft and wispy, and allow them to fall gently along the sides of your face to create a feminine frame. Keep your bangs long and sexily side-swept.


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