4 Fast Ways to Get Rid of a Double Chin

A double chin is one of the most common physical signs of aging. It can also be a result of several other factors, including genetics and an unhealthy diet that is high in fat and calories. A double chin occurs as a result of loose skin and extra fat deposits. Needless to say, having a double chin can be devastating, especially if you are meticulous about your appearance. Here are some techniques that may help you get rid of a double chin fast.

1. Chin Exercises

There are several chin exercises that you can do if you wish to get rid of your double chin. For the first exercise, begin by opening your mouth wide. Next, move your lower jaw in a downward and outward direction as though you are trying to “scoop” something with your lower jaw. You will know that you are doing this exercise right when you feel your lower teeth touch the top of your upper lip. Repeat the exercise as much as 15 times and do it several times throughout the day. 

Another easy exercise that you can do to reduce the appearance of your double chin is to raise your chin and move your mouth as though you are chewing. If you cannot do the chewing motion, a simple closing-and-opening motion is enough. You will gradually feel the muscles in your neck and jaw tensing.

2. Low Caloric Intake

If you wish to get rid of your double chin, you’re going to have to make certain changes in your diet as well. If you regularly eat junk foods, fast food and other foods that are packed with fat and calories, then you are going to have to eliminate these from your diet – or at the very least, cut back. Research suggests that consuming more calories than your body requires speeds up the aging process. It is also believed that cutting back on your caloric intake not only helps you get rid of your double chin, but also helps you lose fat in other areas of your face.

3. Get Moving

A restricted diet is usually paired with exercise for effective weight loss. In order to lose your double chin, you will also have to use the same combination. Trying to reduce fat in a single area of your body is usually ineffective. If you don’t want to sign up with a gym or fitness center, you can try more casual exercises like running, swimming or cycling. Anaerobic exercises like weight lifting can also help your body become firm in general.

4. Practice Proper Posture

Bad posture can also contribute to the loose skin and fat accumulation that leads to a double chin. Whether you’re typing at your computer at work or reading a book in bed, it’s important that you keep your back straight and chin up. If you are used to hunching over at your desk while you work, you might want to invest in an ergonomic chair that can help you sit up straight. Having good posture instantly makes a double chin less visible.


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