4 Fashion Tips for Apple Shaped Women

Apples – we love to eat them, but we may not want to be apple shaped ourselves. But if either genetics or a love of food have given you an apple shape, don’t despair. You can still walk through life fashionably. Here are some fashion tips for those with an apple shape body, generally defined as a wider middle section and often a less prominent bottom.

1. Choose Tops Wisely

If you’re apple shaped, you should avoid clingy and fitted tops. You will probably look good in tops with interesting necklines (scoop or V-necks are good) that draw attention to the face and upper body. Apple shapes can often pull off halter tops and strapless tops well. Your proportionally skinny arms will look great in sleeveless tops as well.

Empire waist tops are great: those are the tops that gather in just below the bust and then flow out, right over the tummy area. You want to create the illusion that your waist and tummy beneath the flowing fabric are tiny – don’t choose fabrics that cling to the stomach area.

Avoid boxy, oversized tops, which will make you look larger and shapeless. You can choose longer shirts, as they tend to camouflage the tummy area.

2. Select Perfect Pants

There’s no sugar-coating it: finding flattering pants is a challenge when you carry extra weight in your midsection. Avoid low-rise pants, which often lead to the dreaded “muffin top” of fat spilling over the waistband. Instead, look for pants with a wider waistband to help hold in your tummy.

Choose pants with a bootcut or flared leg. Skinny leg styles will emphasize your thin limbs, making your middle section look larger by comparison.

Conventional wisdom says to avoid pants with large back pockets, but apple shapes can often get away with these just fine. Your proportionally smaller bottom will look great in jeans with decorated or larger rear pockets.

3. “Dress” for Success

When selecting a dress to flatter your apple shape, it’s all about the waist. Think high-waist and empire waist styles, which will emphasize your smallest part: just below the bust. By choosing styles that cinch you here, you create the illusion that your waist is smaller than it really is, and the fabric flows out, camouflaging your tummy and hips.

Apple shapes should emphasize their often skinny legs, so go all-out with tights, boots and other fancy footwear.

4. Jackets – A Must-Have

Jackets are a good choice for all body types, but they are particularly helpful for apple shapes. A structured jacket can emphasize your arms and shoulders, while hiding a more ample midsection. Choose a jacket whose top button hits between the bust and top of the tummy area.

Don’t choose a jacket that is too long – it should just graze the top of the hip to avoid create a boxy silhouette.

It’s true that your apple shape can be a challenge to dress. But, armed with the proper information, your apple can be as sweet and attractive as the real thing.


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