4 Factors that Contribute to Yoyo Dieting

There are many factors that contribute to yoyo dieting, also known as weight cycling. This refers to the cycle of losing a significant amount of weight only to put it all back on again, then repeating the process. If this sounds like a familiar situation to you, one way to avoid falling back into this pattern is by being aware of what factors contribute to yoyo dieting.

Factors that Contribute to Yoyo Dieting

  1. Bad Diet Choices: One thing that can easily cause you to fall into the pattern of weight cycling is by choosing a diet or weight loss plan that is not sustainable in the long term. An example of this is a fad diet. When you go on a diet that is too restrictive it increases the changes that you will give up the plan relatively quickly. Giving up can lead to frustration and you may then be tempted to try another diet. The cycle of yoyo dieting may then continue until you find a better solution.
  2. Reducing Too Many Calories: By making a dramatic change to how many calories you are consuming in a day you may be missing meals and suffering from bouts of starvation. This type of drastic change in the way that you are eating is setting yourself up for failure. While you may see results quickly, once your body realizes it is consuming fewer calories it will start to hold onto the fat in your body. This is because your body thinks that it is starving.
  3. Your Metabolism Has Slowed Down: When you have embarked on a diet that is too severe and lacking in calories your metabolism will slow down. This means that you will lose weight at a slower rate which may lead to frustration and eventually giving the diet up. 
  4. Emotional Issues: Conditions such as depression and fatigue can be the result of dramatic diets. While you may feel happy with the initial weight loss, the fact that the weight is not coming off as quickly as it did in the beginning can lead to unhappiness. This frustration can lead you to quit the diet and start the cycle again with a new diet.

How to Avoid Yoyo Dieting

The first mistake that you may make on a diet is attempting to lose too much weight too soon. A healthy approach is to lose one to two pounds per week. Most doctors and nutritional experts won’t recommend losing weight at a faster rate. Any diet that claims that you can lose ten pounds per week is likely to fall into the realm of a fad diet.

Experts recommend that the best way to lose weight is to make small sustainable changes in your lifestyle. This means that you should eat a healthy diet that has the right amount of calories. Food should be eaten at regular intervals and you should not skip breakfast.

The best diet is one that you can imagine being on a year or two later. This means that it will include food that is healthy and that you enjoy eating. Also it is important that you engage in regular exercise whether it is at a gym or outdoors.


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