4 Exercises for Women Who Are Breastfeeding

Even though you may be breastfeeding, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get in a daily workout. Below are four great exercises that should be included in the workouts of all breastfeeding women.

1. Walking

Walking is a great type of cardiovascular exercise for breastfeeding woman (and even for women who are not breastfeeding). Cardiovascular exercise is important for a number of different reasons. First, research has found that cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to burn calories. Since many woman who have just had a baby are interested in weight loss, this makes it a great addition to any workout. In addition, cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, has been found to be effective in the treatment and prevention of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and even some types of cancer.

2. Squats

Squats are another great exercise that should be included in the workouts of woman who are breastfeeding. Unlike walking, which is a type of cardiovascular exercise, squats, are a strength training exercise that can tone and strengthen the muscles of the entire lower body. To perform a squat properly, start by standing with your back firmly against the wall. Step your feet out slightly in front of your body. Make sure that they are directly under your hips.

Slowly slide your back down the wall, lowering your glutes towards the floor, until your thighs are parallel to the ground. At this point, take a deep breath, and use the muscles in your lower body to push yourself back up to your starting position. Do at least two sets of ten repetitions of this exercise in order to acheive optimal results.

3. Wall Push Ups

While squats helped to strengthen and tone the muscles of the lower body, wall push ups can effectively help to strengthen the muscles of the chest, back, and arms. To perform a wall push up, stand facing the wall, approximately one foot away from it. Bring the palms of your hands up to the wall at shoulder height. Slowly begin to lower your upper body towards the wall. Once your elbows are bent to a 90 degree angle, use the muscles in your upper body to push yourself back to the starting position. As with the squats, do at least two sets of ten repetitions in order to achieve optimal results.

4. Sit Ups

Finally, sit ups can be a great exercise to strengthen and tone the muscles of the core. Lay with your back flat on the ground and your knees bent. Make sure that your feet are also planted firmly on the ground. Lace your fingers together behind your head, supporting your neck. Take a few deep breaths, and as you exhale, use the muscles of your core to lift your head, neck and shoulders off the ground and towards the ceiling. Once your shoulders have completely been lifted off the ground, exhale your breath, and lower your body back to your starting position. Perform two sets of ten repetitions.


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