4 Essential Calisthenics Movements

Being fit is a wonderful feeling, and a great way to get it done without the need for equipment is through calisthenics. Calisthenics are exercises which do not require any equipment at all, aside from your own body’s weight and some determination from you. We’ve all done these types of exercises in our lives, think jumping jacks, and they are rather effective in increasing our lungs’ abilities.

Here are 4 very essential calisthenics exercises that everyone should know:

1. Jumping Jacks

This one just about everyone knows, but in case you don’t, you start this by standing up straight with your feet together and your hands at your sides. In one motion, swing your hands above your head while jumping up in the air and spreading your feet shoulder width apart. Return to the starting position in the same manner as the first movement. Counting with this exercise is normally done on each jump so, arms up 1, arms down 2, arms up 3, arms down 1 (First set).

2. Squats

Place your feet about shoulder width apart with your hips knees and toes facing forward. Your body should be erect and you want to keep your abs tight for this exercise. If you need more balance, you can place your hands on your hips. Imagine you are about to sit down on a seat just behind you, and squat down bending your knees and keeping you body forward. You want to keep your weight on your heels as much as possible. Do this for a specific number of times; the more you do it the more reps you will want to do.

3. Lunges

Start with your feet together and you body erect with your hands on your sides. With one leg, take one big step forward and bring your back leg’s knee to the ground. Keep your body erect throughout the whole movement. Once the knee is down, step back to the beginning position and then repeat the movement with the other leg. Do this the same amount of times for each leg.

4. Read Lunges

This is essentially a backwards version on the regular lunge exercise. Start with your feet together and your body erect with your hands on your hips. For this, make sure there is nothing behind you as you will be stepping backwards. With one leg, step back as far as you can on the ball on your foot and bring that knee down to the ground. Bring the knee back up and return to the starting position. Do this the same number of times for each leg.

A couple of things to remember when doing calisthenics in genera should be noted. You always want to keep your abs as tight as you can when doing these exercises, as that will give you a better all around workout. Remember to breath out when extending and in when returning to the starting position, and you will get great results from these calisthenics.


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