4 Easy Way to Reduce Fat When Cooking Venison

If you have never eaten it before, cooking venison can seem like even more of a challenge. While venison is relatively lean compared to other types of meats, there are still some basic guidelines that can decrease the fat content even more.

Choose the Leanest Cuts

As with any type of meat, one of the best ways to reduce your fat intake is to start with relatively lean cuts. If you’re a seasoned hunter, or are at least familiar with the anatomy of deer or other similar animals, you may be able to choose for yourself some of the leanest cuts. Typically, the meat on the shoulders, hips and flanks is the leanest. If you are concerned about your ability to properly choose a lean cut of venison, don’t be shy about talking to your butcher. He or she should be able to make some great recommendations when it comes to choosing a lean cut of venison.

Ask Your Butcher to Remove Any Excess Fat

Sometimes the leanest cuts of venison are also the most expensive. If you’re on a fixed income, or are trying out venison and don’t want to spend a large amount of money on something that you might not enjoy, choose a fattier cut of venison, and ask your butcher to remove some of the excess fat for you. This is a relatively easy process for a skilled butcher, and he or she should have no complaints about doing this for you. Tell the butcher that you would like as much of the exterior fat as possible removed from the venison.

Cooking the Venison

Once you actually have the venison at home and are ready to cook it, there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind in order to keep the amount of fat in your meat relatively low. For best results, cook the venison in a manner that allows all the excess fat to drip away from the meat, instead of conglomerating on top of it. Grilling is one of the best processes to allow the excess fat from the venison to drip off. Avoid adding excessive butter, oil or other fats to the meat. When seasoned properly, venison shouldn’t require additional fat to improve the taste.

Examine the Venison before Serving

Do a quick run-over of the venison before serving to your family or guests. If you still notice any large pieces of fat on the meat, use a sharp knife to quickly and easily cut it off. Discard this fat in the garbage, or use as an ingredient in soups or stocks. This is a great way to add an interesting flavor to other dishes.


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